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why you argue with americans, they are so ignorant its just pointless to replay to thair comments
11 000+ scientists warn about the climate
Interslavic Language
not with the rate of birth that we have in our counties
Slavic people come here
its funny how this guy who invented this language (who is matematician and engenear) matematicly made somthing that is 99% serbian/croatian with some accent.
Losers who play CSGO
it makes you 5 loser
i know a girl who said that if you belive really hard you can get pregnant without sex
UK politics
you rly think that there is one man who want to be prime ministar from 4 more years and he will do everything for that. ruin his country, in the same country that was strongest power in the world just...
UK politics
then why brexit eaven exist?
UK politics
its not hard to figure it out that you use hyperbole i just wanted to say that everything will be same if england go from eu
UK politics
You rly think english barons, monarch and other elites in your country will let that to happen? Just chill out you will ber rich as always if you stay in eu or not
if you like to read i will recommend you to read The Decline of the West from Oswald Spengler, then you will realise why books, music, art and other stuf become shit nowdays
Internet was a mistake
its ok, but i hope you see that people becoming dumber and dumber
Internet was a mistake
"The researchers sourced their data from the IQ test scores of 18- to 19-year-old Norwegian men who took the tests as part of their national, compulsory military service." thats from first link i pos...
Short height
i have teory that in curent times you cant say anything about gays, transgenders, fat people, immigrants, pedophile etc. because you will considered faschist or somthing like that so only thing that y...