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RESPECT Dupreeh!
Assassins vs Besiktas
yeah that's true, but im sure that it would be a lot more profitable in the long run to sign a proper male team than a washed up lineup of girls.
Assassins vs Besiktas
how? they don't win shit, the amount of viewers in girl games are way lower and the overall prize pools are also way lower than male games. it doesn't make any sense why they would acquire a girl line...
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cringe asf team tag
winning streaks
lmao it's a fucking game is the world gonna change if you win or not? no.
winning streaks
+1 it's honestly all about your mindset - just think about how stupid it is getting frustrated over a game lmao thats what i did and i never tilt no more
Lil Peep & X
+1 lmao
yes majors are only good if everything is 100% predictable where the top dogs win every game and there are no upsets or new teams involved you are fucking retarded
JUGI best sticker?
+2 best sticker no doubt
Bpro vs
lmao no YOU are clearly overthinking what I wrote
Bpro vs
that's what I mean by "as you have to play against much better teams in a much higher tournament the day after" lmao why would they care about this game when they have major qualifications tomorrow?
Bpro vs
exactly I don't know if the old "saving strats for major" myth is still going on, but I actually feel like in a match like this, you've not want to show your absolute best, as you have to play against...
Bpro vs
I placed a low bet on Bpro because I thought that VP would probably save their energy for tomorrow's major games, so idk about them going 0-3.
R8 Sticker Combos
somedieyoung stick is insane