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fnatic vs Natus Vincere
Fnatic vs Envyus 2-0 Fnatic Thank me later
3sUP vs CLG
one thing i noticed is that 3sup is such an amazing t-side team. Once they fix up there ct side they can be a threat in NA
3sUP vs CLG
m0e the god. Fuck all you haters!
Virtus.pro vs TSM
i hope vp fucking shits on tsms faces
Liquid vs Renegades
Maps are in favour of liquid only map i see RNG winning is cobble
fnatic vs NiP
the first gun round is the most important round if nips wins it they can easily bring it back.
g2 shuffle
ur retarded
TSM vs Virtus.pro
TSM knows nothing how VP plays dust 2
TSM vs Virtus.pro
VP needs to just ban dust and they win.
Krimz aimlock?
You dont know shit, you dont know how they check them and ur acting like they have the best secruity in the world. You know theres some smart ass coders out there that can easily counter "ESL check". ...
Krimz aimlock?
Im not saying there cheating and i dont fnatic is but dont you think they can counter it? Fnatic wouldn't have any trouble paying a coder some good money to make sure it can get past there "Anti-che...
Krimz aimlock?
i wouldnt even be suprised at this point.. Why wouldnt you cheat if you cant get caught.. Its litterly free money
Cloud9 vs NiP
Freak did his job how the hell you supposed to win when SEANGARES outfrags shroud and n0thing.............
Envy vs Cloud9
Both teams have a T1 awper and insane aimers. Both teams have crazy entry fraggers ( Apex is better). Going to be a close game but i think nV will take it because there map pool is just way bigger.
Kinguin vs Natus Vincere
Time to wait another hour for 3rd map