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-2013 - casual player of 1.6
2013 - bought Counter Strike Bundle on Steam, mainly because cracked version of 1.6 didn't work
2013 - after 3 hours of 1.6 played, started playing Global Offensive
2014 - started playing Source instead of GO
2015 - comeback to Global Offensive
2015 - LE achieved
2016 - Supreme achieved
2017 - GE achieved
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So called locker boy
However this wasn't the case. That guy posted the photo by himself. If you post your photo on the internet, you have to reckon with the fact, that someone can in the future use that photo in various w...
Scream joining G2
wtf, how did you get that 3rd at cluj-napoca? That was obviously the roster, that later became Faze. Envy (in that time with NBK, Apex and Kenny) won that major and back then Titan (with shox and Scre...
IP Flags.
but IP bans would maybe change at least a little bit
IP Flags.
Do you take your laptop/phone, when you travel? I guess so. Also what about people, who live abroad? I would just remove the whole flag concept. People are just hating each other just because of the ...
Czech Republic (truth)
You don't even speak English
Golden Five drama :(
Interesting, if you see this thread nowadays. Seems like Taz never forgave him anything he said. Also how he doesn't regret kicking Luq
Favorite soundtrack from a game?
Mirrors Edge or Bioshock Infinite
9 majors, 1 drop - train case
I hope you are just baiting with cyx
It feels like years that we've been waiting for this moment
VP lies
If I remember correctly, Hyper wasn't picked just because he got 2-year ban from ESL few months before trial.
Best food from your country?
what is the difference between doner and kebab? i mean, it's sold here under the name döner kebab, so it's hard to recognize what is what or what it should be.
I guess your rank
I am totally not norwegian (but yeah, I am fakeflagging, but why did you think that I am norwegian? xD) and I am global right now, and yes, my sensitivity is pretty high, I guess.
I guess your rank
Hours: 2000 Fav player: NEO Fav Team: C9 Sensitivity: 2.14/800 Fav Map: Cache