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Women works in mysterious ways. Well, if her reason for blocking you is the picture (i don't think it was) then she is not worth dating anyways. Whats more likely is that in the 5 days you didnt chat...
Kebab Price in ur country ?
Det er længe siden jeg har været på shawarma bar må jeg indrømme - måske et par år siden? Tjae mange kalder det også shawarma, hvor jeg er fra kaldte vi det bare durum :D Er det også hjemmelavet br...
Kebab Price in ur country ?
Når de bare skriver kebab, går jeg udfra det er en hel rulle med ren kebab (den der står og snurrer) Hvor henne i aarhus finder du shawarma til 35 kr? og er det ikke usselt så? Foretrækker shawarma k...
[18+] rate girls thread
thanks for the spoils u friggin cunt.
Kebab Price in ur country ?
That is fucking cheap for one whole kebab roll. If you're talking about a durum/shawarma its still cheap. In denmark they go for atleast 6 eur
Cmon FaZe do something
With karrigan being fluent in german this could be where he ends up. But i do hope he goes to a Danish team maybe North
how much u spent on steam
PubG and Failnite
pubg wasnt the first battle royale, but it was the first one to get a lot of hype
Attack On Titan?
The Island where the story takes place buried them selves inside those high walls hundreds of years ago, to not have contact with the world after a long and very harsh war. Thus, live on the inside ha...
hash or weed ?
Its not hash OR weed - its hash AND weed - you gotta mix it to make a wizard bro. Just came home from Amsterdam AMA
shit fps with panorama
stop whine dave
Well here in Denmark the sexual age is also 16. However that means 16 and 17 years old can hookup and fuck all they want. However they are NOT considered adults, since you become an adult at the age o...
Rate 18+
Worst song ever
So you're stating that taz is a good aimer because of one good round more than a year ago? hahaha :D If that is the game we are playing i am happy to inform you that while still being in astralis kar...
when u say taz got big aim one can only assume that what you mean is he needs big target to be able to aim cus individually he is just as bad as karrigan