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GOT Bran
Not once in the books or the series have they ever called the dead army the: Wight Walkers, The White Walkers are the bosses who controls the Wights. One could only assume u meant the White Walkers bu...
GOT Bran
Still doesnt make sense
SS rival 100 ? gold
its no good
Series by Netflix
Kan anbefale Dare Devil og Arrested Development
KARRIGAN disrespectul ???
after flusha was teabagging alot on overpass, and many of the fnatic players were disrespectful and overconfident on twitter like: Gonna eat some danes tomorrow etc. He merely taught them to be respec...
My Anime List
Fairy Tail is actually pretty good, it has some of the best music i've heard in an anime. Well, HxH is definetely worth the time, one of the best animes i've seen! And its not even really long, just g...
My Anime List
You should check out Fairy Tale and Hunter x Hunter 2011
Resolution/Black-Bars Broke Post Update?
Well, back in the day i prefered ATI Radeon over nvidia. But at sometime nvidia pulled ahead which made me switch to them. Its not like i hate radeon or anything, but my friend played with radeon the ...
Resolution/Black-Bars Broke Post Update?
I know your problem - you use AMD instead of Nvidia
Titan willnt go to dreamhack
Astralis worst top1.
I disagree since the scene is much more competitive now than it was last year.
Maikelele Team 5th?
Why? Guy is teamless and therefore without a job. Should be an easy thing signing him, specially since his reason for leaving North was; Its too serious. A fun non serious team with no chance of break...
Maths help
Throw it into your TI-89 and solve for K - problem solved!
Sadokist cheering for VP?? WTF?
Yeah, Rahim :D Forgot his name. But i remember him screaming "BAMBAM" when someone dies :D He is a really fun caster but if you want to watch a "serious" match, he is not the one :P