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DoCc new drama lol
thanks , that was the answer i was looking for ! From all that, even less "controverse" things lead to kick from FPL, even smaller ones, for not cheating pro players, by pro i mean players who try to ...
DoCc new drama lol
Can anyone explain what is this all about ? i mean i read few threads about this guy, but what is the real problem with him ? Not communicating in faceit, cheating or what ?
Rate my new pc
i had gpu and motherboard aswell, gpu died after 3 months ( some cooling part got disabled, it was overheating and turning off), then after a year motherboards PCI-E slot died. So yeah, nothing good :...
Rate my new pc
6/10, msi is crap. Next time go for asus motherboard, with evga/asus gpu
PUBG dead...
i really doubt even if you have NASA pc that you will have stable 144 :D Not even with the best you can get :D i have 6700K +1080ti, am not saying its not smooth, but sometimes it drops to 80 fps. Uno...
K0nfig,Cajun,Gade vs stan,shazam
f0rest fanboys come here
greatest player of all time /// Almost forgot to mention that 1.6 is irrelevant Man, you must decide if you want all time or cs go. Also cs go, get right and forest has way more hours and matches pl...
spoilers for IEM Sydney
meh IEM sydney, my bad, i thought its related to major. But still you can forget SK/faze will do anything with their crap 5th player
spoilers for IEM Sydney
dh marseille, such a huge event man. With astralis, i agree it might happen, if faze come finally with a full lineup : NaVi/Fnatic beat FaZe in semi - no way, either of the teams. Sk wont go to quarte...
spoilers for IEM Sydney
Lets "spoiler" after a small event where half of the teams has no form / full lineup. 0/8
Your car?
actually you can, i m a WRX fan before you ask, but civic typ r is doing better on circuit, and the ford focus rs is 400hp, while wrx only 300 ( + - ). :)
Your car?
BMW 1 ? for me only girls buys that kind, and the one who wanna wink on BMW but have no money for a proper one, or gays
60 FPS -> 200+ FPS
not even 1/4 th of my salary, nice bait tho. My gpu is actually worth same like your whole pc haha
60 FPS -> 200+ FPS
Well, i was expecting some bullshit from your side, whatever
60 FPS -> 200+ FPS
until SLI is not supported on most of the games ( if it is on any yet ? ), i will stick to single one ;)