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60 FPS -> 200+ FPS
not even 1/4 th of my salary, nice bait tho. My gpu is actually worth same like your whole pc haha
60 FPS -> 200+ FPS
Well, i was expecting some bullshit from your side, whatever
60 FPS -> 200+ FPS
until SLI is not supported on most of the games ( if it is on any yet ? ), i will stick to single one ;)
60 FPS -> 200+ FPS
1080ti, 6700k, z270, 32gb ram, m2 ssd, yeah, not just nice try, winner one.
60 FPS -> 200+ FPS
I m from slovakia, and i really doubt you got better PC :) vodkaboy
buyin shoes for 700+ $ ? I dont see any reason to do that. I would any time go for 200-300, but 700 ? You wear them for a year at most anyway
worst major ever?
you have to be mentally ill
QBF on major
also QBF can beat SS,BIG, virtus plowl and i would say gambit too, so whats your point ?
QBF on major
hahahahaha, you got the point ! :D
FaZe will win major
beating on map != dropping out of major
FaZe will win major
because they only problem is that niko and karrigan pees in their pants against SK, no other teams can or will drop them off from this major. Why would a superteam not believe in victory on a major ? ...
FaZe will win major
you must be mad :D
GODSENT vs eXtatus
thats all true, but 15k is 15k. No one will play for 1/7 of current salary just because having a slovak team would be cool :).
GODSENT vs eXtatus
obviously guard and styko will change their current teammates ( playing on different level ), for a slovak team ? I would like to see alza paying 15k / month salary xd
she seriously looks like a Swedish amazon :D