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FAZE Hahah
Stop being pathetic pls ;-)
mouz karrigan!!
They should try.
mouz Ex6TenZ
Ex6TenZ is as outdated as pronax and Neo combined. Forget about mr.WeirdHaircut
FAZE Hahah
basically you kid promised to reply everyday #110, so don't be a pussy yourself before calling anybody else that ;-)
FAZE Hahah
When you finish your school for mentally ill, you might be able to read what adults write to you. "I have nothing to apologize for" ;-)
FAZE Hahah
I said I would not post here for 4 weeks you idiot, so I haven't. I have nothing to apologize for though, that stupid move had and has and will have no sense whatsoever, hopefully NiKo will bring some...
FaZe Adren or tarik
tarik would actually be cool
guess how old she is
some photos "told" me she was 30+, some other ones - that she's 20-, if she's really 15 i'm extremely sorry for that girl, 15 is pretty much a kid, i know modern kids lose virginity at 14 or even earl...
losing body fat
i gain it when i eat cakes right before going to bed, 1500 is just the number that should make your weight decrease, but if you eat just before sleeping it will be like that. i suppose your metabolism...
guess how old she is
and looks like a cheap drunk whore fuck, why do kids do that to themselves? i mean, that painted face will look like 40 y.o. when she will be only 30, why to torture your skin like that??? because it'...
guess how old she is
Older than 30 or just drinks and smokes and has fucked her skin up with that stupid makeup. Fuck, girls, why do you rape your skin like that???
Last Human on Earth
There are no options tbh, you can't have kids with only yourself, there's nobody else left so it's pretty much "live until you die"
Budget setup
An SSD may make a difference over an HDD when your PC runs out of RAM and thus uses a pagefile that is located on your storage device. When a PC lacks video memory it uses RAM which is significantly s...
losing body fat
> often i ate a lot of shitty foods (majority of my caloric needs) before i went to bed. guess what? i weighed myself every wednesday and i still lost weight It may be true in one of these cases: 1) ...
Budget setup
> Ram - 1x8GB Ram 2400 Yeah it's a really good idea to limit an integrated GPU that has no dedicated memory and thus uses your RAM, why not? But surely you need that SSD to compensate for the lack of...