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There Are More Than Two Human Sexes
Yeah cuz if you think of yourself in some way - it changes you, e.g. if you think you're a dog and surgeons transplant your ears to the top of your head and some dog hair all over your body, and ofc a...
who is prodka
you are
Vaccines cause autism
How do you feel about getting shot with a leather needle?
RpK old hair Vs New hair
Wow I'm not the only one getting grey-haired early.
Boombl4 gf
They both get what they want. He gets a relatively good-looking pussy. She gets the presents and the life 99% of girls can't get since the country they live in is a shithole where you cannot earn much...
Mohammed talked to a demon and not an angel
Did they talk about raping little girls?
Soon I will die
You know a couple of years back there was a guy with the flag of Guatemala, he also said he would die and he was willing to watch some tournament semi-final or final, then he disappeared. Wonder if he...
Faze to smash Astralis
Astralis to rape FaZe today.
Astralis vs FaZe
So ez for Asstralis
Country with sexiest womens
Still no enough IQ to talk, try harder ;-)
I see no point in living
Try to fuck girls.
Country with sexiest womens
Yeah first increase your IQ and then talk to adults.
Country with sexiest womens
coz for example frenchmen live there improve your iq level and then come back
+18 r8 fight
i mean they want equality so they should get their asses kicked just like men would
+18 r8 fight
im really sad that guy didn't beat the shit out of that - who that was, a guy, a chick that tried to get him from behind?