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CHI DA? vs Mantegos
They don't tho.
USA lottery 1.6 billion
The Spartans already came up with a simple solution hunders of years ago.
+18 Australia
Why would you even want to use such an inefficient method. They can kill like 6 dogs an hour at this rate. Fucking ridicolous these chinks.
Gonna form a fucking HLTV fanfare orchestra with all this musicians.
CSGO is boring lately
>I never play CS:GO ThE GamE iS DyINg!¡¡¡!
russians wtf???
Basshunter haha :D Pretty sure I have Freedom Call - Ages of Power somewhere in my list of 1369 favorited songs on YouTube. Here is my Black Metal playlist as you presumably don't enjoy any of the ha...
russians wtf???
Although I can still enjoy the music I used to listen to, I don't actively look it up and give it a listen anymore. I mainly listen to Hardstyle and then Uptempo Hardcore, Frenchcore, Terrorcore and S...
russians wtf???
Feel good bagger as we would say in Dutch. bagger meaning shit, crap, trash.
russians wtf???
For me it was this and some more mostly techno music as well as a few metal songs
russians wtf???
Never heard this one before. Either way, again, so fucking generic, so fucking boring. Sounds like shit tier copyright free music you could put on your YT videos back in 2006.
russians wtf???
I guess something decent came from them: But I usually try to skip the vocals when this track comes up cause they hurt my ears. ht...
russians wtf???
avicii is so fucking boring too me. Such generic music.
russians wtf???
Clean vocals are a complete letdown for me. I know this youth song from here I don't listen to any song in particular cause of what they say. Bar a few li...
russians wtf???
Mhm yeah but I don't really listen to that anymore, stopped enjoying it for the most part. I guess these lyrics are pretty much in line with my everyday feeling so they fit. But it's not like they mak...