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ZywhOo w/o awp abusing
No problem at all, have a nice evening mate :)
ZywhOo w/o awp abusing
Yes, even tho i use it a lot myself, id prefer to live in a time prior to the internet
ZywhOo w/o awp abusing
+1, Parents are a huge part of nowadays disrespectimg behaviour of young people. Still i think that the internet shouldnt be that much of a "u can do anything without consequences" place
ZywhOo w/o awp abusing
Youve got a point with focusing on hltv but if we are honest - hltv forums are a really good example of how much negative stuff there actually is in the internet already
ZywhOo w/o awp abusing
thx u too :)
ZywhOo w/o awp abusing
Imo authorities should be able to control the internet better as there is way too much space for bullying and lots of criminal stuff. Also it is wayy too ez to access pornography etc which damages thr...
ZywhOo w/o awp abusing
He took the time to write this in a friendly and serious way, so why not answering as im relaxed at home after a long day 👍🏻
ZywhOo w/o awp abusing
Its probably a mix of everything, welcome to the internet, a rotten place. There is so much worse stuff than this tho. I dont see the reason to burden urself with things like that
ZywhOo w/o awp abusing
He decides how he calls s-1mpl3, yes
Mass vaccination against Covid
Imo they are not doing it anyways as it wasnt my claim that smth like that is actually done atm. Dont forget that overpopulation is not a problem at all in modern countries, our population is declinin...
Mass vaccination against Covid
But young people pay taxes while old people are increasing the states costs. Thats also the true reason all the refugees come. To do the cheap work
Apex Legends
Best BR for sure, fun from times to times. Never liked BRs so much tho
logan paul vs Floyd mayweather
Yeah true, he wants to give a show. Pathetic anyways if u ask me
mouz broky
Fallen got all the tools he wished for. No matter which young talents he got to work with, mibr still stayed shit. Fallen shouldnt be an option for anythng else than tier 2 SA / tier 3 NA nowadays.