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Nitro > Steel
I already saw this, everything starts with bo1 and a normal tournament and people says " nah they will bounce back " we will see
Nitro > Steel
The problem now its Faze, you know Astralis I think they will down, and Faze maybe have chance after winning blast
Heat wave in Europe
Like you are retarded or you are just a tipical guy from jordania ?
shox vs shroud
shroud is the guy if he had motivation he could be a top 5 player and Im not even joking, the guy got an insane skill
Im portuguese, and Im not fanboy from fox, but honestly ? The guy plays from sk in a major and he literally plays like superstar in a semi final, so honestly I dont think you caN SAY this musamba or w...
they were already, idk why people dont think like me I watch football and I watch last year, ronaldo was weak he won the cl not bcs of him at all, and liverpool ? they are weak and even if they score ...
Barca is the fav
Messi got 1 less then ronaldo, forget they will be tie
Porto will fuck liverpool tomorrow, and final will be porto vs ajax, ez porto
taking a shower
" tipical from favela " they will say AHAHAHAH
will s1mple win a major?
Do you know astralis will not play like this forever right ? Idk if you guys are watching cs go since 2018 only but seems possible
T1 French TEAM
the most funny thing you guys forget always about scream Ik he is belguim, but he can bet t1 player we all know that, people are just retard
AWP Nerf ideas
Awp is fine stop saying shit damn
Mom from flush dies that was the main reason