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best mmorpg
Original GW. Gw2 didnt have the same vibe to it.
ESTONIA come here
Student@tartu here I guess u should grab some course mates and attend different events when starts in october, its pretty cool. My favourite event is Flunky ball. It gets you very drunk...
got a job
Most of the market is using javascript(react,vue)/java(spring) so u shouldnt limit your career choices by taking a c++ job. Dont listen to randoms calling java cancer, it's a very decent language
faceit carry tips lvl4+
play with premade, problem solved
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Endpoint
attax will slap endpoint's ass
op is trying to bait us into saying cock tastes good
zellsis salty haHAA
they make announcements to get some publicity so potential orgs could recruit them or sth.
Copenhagen Flames vs mousesports
tbh, flames map pool doesn't seem promising because mouz will ban inferno and flames are forced to play vertigo or dd2. I believe they might take overpass but other two maps are going for mouz. 2-1 mo...
Copenhagen Flames vs mousesports
cph has a 9 map win streak in inferno, which is sick imo
GODSENT vs mousesports
well, i gotta cheer for godsent now to keep my under 26.5 bet alive
can't stand that crybaby tbh. few years ago, i had the privilege to play against him. we went 5-0 up and he started calling us cheaters like a 12 yo russian. We lost in the end but I believe its funny...
Movistar -Eastor
mby someone from brazil because they already have steel and br have some sick talents
c0ntact vs North
just go B site wtf???
5g who cars
Think about that. There is a surgeon in USA who is the only person in the world who can do a surgery on some epic rare disease. Now there is a dude in Germany who has that disease and needs a surgery ...
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Tricked
can't see tricked winning, alternate all the way