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Sounds good man gl <3
You still have time to accomplish a lot of of things bro. Even if you'd only have a decade left to live(which I highly doubt), 10 years is a lot of time, so try to view it as a motivating factor to ac...
I R8 U
Favourite artist:Kalandra Favourite tv-series:Twin Peaks Favourite movie:Cloud Atlas Favourite car brand: idk Favourite sport: Skiing Favourtie game: Disco Elysium Height:185 Weight:65kg Nationality...
I rate your steam profile.
smooya gf
How do I get a gf?
How do I get a gf?
How do I get a gf?
Now I feel so bad honestly haha :S, just remember there's no need to stress things, how old are you btw?
How do I get a gf?
I'm sorry but I can see why you're struggling with finding a gf, I think you need more time and experience in life
Name Teams Parody
[+15] Girl Problem...
Mate, you're still young and have so much time left to improve yourself and experience things in life, no need to hesitate :)
haha 5/8
[+15] Girl Problem...
Then it's a bit trickier :S but your chances are definitely not ruined entirely, I wish you the best of luck in your continued search bro^^ I believe ;)
[+15] Girl Problem...
The odds really aren't that terrible, if you manage to establish a good connection etc and she still refuses to take it any further solely due to your height, trust me bro, she wouldn't be worth it.
[+15] Girl Problem...
Women with such shallow standards are not worth dating in the first place anyways.