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Astro a50
Yes indeed
Astro a50
I’ll tell you what it is they just trying to make as much money as they can obviously because they don’t tell ppl that it works universal they specifically say you need either this or that. But it is ...
Astro a50
Yes I purchase a50 for fun but when they ask me to buy another one I will not lol xD
Astro a50
They make you to buy either another headset or component for it to work with another console then what they say it works for
Astro a50
Yea it is very weird how they sell it even I was thinking of purchasing another one and being prepared to return the other haha but it works with all 3 but for sure Astro does not want you to know tha...
Astro a50
if I was Astro a50 employee I wouldn’t tell you how you don’t need to buy another headset for it to work with another console 🤙🏿
Astro a50
Yes and the fact they want you to buy two awper are headsets or another base station is stupid
Astro a50
Yes they sell 2 versions Xbox one and PS4 ya stupid I just tried mine and it works on both when I set the module on pc
you know what is funny, maybe 3 years ago you could say this is a superteam but guess what these guys suck now haha and they won''t be able to compete in tier 2 even with this lineup sorry to break yo...
Halo Championships
zzzzzzzzzzz halo is dead game bruh
G2 is ready
yes they are ready to lose more i agree
naw that was an obvious fluke vietnam would get crushed if america had a map of their land :P
help im bleeding
just suck the blood lmao
crazy thing just happen
what for .... he gave me super powers
conor mcgregor vs tenshin
he exist and he will destroy conor mckrekor sir