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faceit grill admin
smurf/main account question
you could actually stop acting like a 12 yo.
Clg red grill nudes
Clg red grill nudes
Top 10 Awpers in the World, IYO??
Guardian over kennyS at their peak? kenny was unbeatable at his peak.
CLG losing because of timing!
so butthurt, stop crying about skins, dont bet on clg on cache against lg, and even when he would've won 4cts, its still more than you did. fag
stop hating on nip
Your hate towards allu is ridiculous, it's just based on some ignorant things in your mind. They talk swedish, fifflaren even said allus swedish is pretty good now. Nip has other problems.
stop hating on nip
Allu would win every 1v1 against them with the awp. Just because his reaction is faster. Rifle you're right.
stop hating on nip
The only thing you really can criticize him for is that he sometimes misses really easy shots. I don't know why because back in the mouz days I didn't see him doing that.
stop hating on nip
lothar allu has by far the most entry kills in the nip line up. That one kill per round has probably the most impact. Also I saw matches when he was the guy who got them all of their t-side rounds. St...
Overrated Players Country By Country
His IGL is nothing special... The Liquid team is sick imo he just uses the players wrong.
Overrated Players Country By Country
because the lurker gets the easy kills and the clutches, entryfragger imo has the most impact but probably the least kills. So the lurker is on top of the scoreboard, in bad games even with not a sing...
Cloud 9 and S
shazam, semphis
Pick 'em trophies
it'll be shown
Pick 'em trophies
they go out in waves, so you might have to wait some more days, some already got it :)