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Most hated player right now
God Europeans are such fucking snowflakes for people that defended s1mple so vehemently back when he was old s1mple (and rightfully so tbh, he was never that toxic after flipside). Its pretty clear th...
CANADIANS RACISTS ??????????????
ITT is people judging canadians based on small sample size, completely ignoring the fact that racism, on a fundamental level, involves making hasty generalizations about a large group of people based ...
If you're going to involve 1.6 get right should be higher and s1mple and zywoo should be lower, but clearly you aren't since NEO isn't there so its only CSGO If you're doing CSGO only f0rest should b...
Because "American" is a nationality, as in its defined by the region you are born in you autist. Similarily, whether you are "North American" or not is defined by whether or not you are born and/or ra...
well, the smart ppl from EU shouldnt be surprised NA hates on EU when half of you echo this shit constantly: "USA while most of them aren't even real Americans since most of them have very close orig...
NA fans or EU fans
Ik i don't think thats fair either. I look down on anyone from EU trying to play the victim card. They shouldve seen it coming. But at the same time I look down on anyone from NA who fails to take th...
NA fans or EU fans
EU fans are upset because this crowd is honestly being disrespectful. Saying shit like "forfeit" over and over is fucked. At least "send them home" implies that they're focusing on Liquid playing good...
Stewie cocky
??? the whole point of it is to create rivalry so people are more invested in who wins, not to make a logical or rational statement or even be entertaining even on its own. You don't seem to even know...
Stewie cocky
This is why the general media doesn't take esports seriously, because they think its populated by fragile noncompetitive nerds that make threads like this. The scene needs more flare and shit talking...
EU vs. NA is stupid
It blows my mind people are acting surprised that NA is hostile after hearing memes about NA CS for so long. I don't even blame EU for making the memes, we deserved it and we still do for only having...
NA come here
we just need a bunch of south koreans to shit on us both so that we unite over killing the south korean overlord like in the league community
aleksib frankie
he is one of those guys that assumes that any time an attractive person is friendly with another attractive person, they must be fucking because hes never had an attractive person treat him well sgar...
Truth about USA.
Some things are obviously fucked about America relative to other countries, it's made clear by blatant statistical facts. But the number of braindead europeans claiming to understand American culture...
Liquid or shroud? who makes more money?
how dare someone switch to an easier job thats more fun and more financially stable/profitable fuckin traitor
liquid = 0% NA
this thread is EU education in a nutshell, simultaneously mad at NA while making an argument insisting that NA doesn't actually exist