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Do majors really mean anything?
It even says NiP were disappointing in their last few lans. Sure they were still considered a top team but there wasn't a clear favourite as I've said. I didn't watch the major at the time, the first...
Do majors really mean anything?
There was a lot of fuckery in that match because both teams used pixel-boosts, but LDLC's didn't work and they were 13-3 up anyways. They should have replayed the map/the half tho.
Clown9 laugh thread
No, SK>C9 when SK don't need to play 2x BO3s in the same day.
Clown9 laugh thread
Kek is your scene. Liquid only good team.
FLUKE9 LOOOL :-)))))))
Nobody cares about NA ghosting crowd, C9 jetlagged as always, but when SK are tired it's not an excuse.
Liquid > clown9
Yes, Liquid have a solid team. C9 have a bunch of streaky players who fluked the major with crowd ghosting.
orange and lemon everything else is gross
Most overrated CS nation?
all c9 fans are delusional
C9 draws
are you legit from NA, cause you're actually making sense. I mean these guys just played like shit, lost out 0-2 to all 3 teams and it wasn't even competitive vs Faze and SK.
Most overrated CS nation?
atm ye, but all time NA
get over the cloud 9 = gambit
summit wasnt a serious tourney and c9 shouldve made finals. they also shouldve beaten liquid with one map advantage. fluke9 strikes again
Do majors really mean anything?
yeah, but their run in that tourney was flukey af, go look over the matches and you will see.
Do majors really mean anything?
lol no, that major didnt have any favourites as NiP were looking bad coming into it. Randomizer gave them Cobble a fuckton of times as the decider and they were actually getting better with the tourna...
Do majors really mean anything?
so true about nip and c9. ldlc weren't flukey tho imo.
Going all-in on Mouz
2.09 was gonna bet on 2.3, but the odds plunged. was pretty sure they were gonna pull thru anyway