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S10 or Note9
you forgot the pro
Niko overrated
He used to be a top3 player until he started IGL. He is fkin bad at it and cant focus on what he is known for: Mad fragging. Just release him from his igl and tell him what to do and he will rekt eve...
Kick fkin Rain and get a decent IGL and stop letting Niko do that. He sucks at igl and cant focus on fragging. Holy shit. Rain is so washed up, even more than Olof.
holy shit that was not even well played. How bad were Avangar in this situation xD
Best F O O T B A L L E R in ur country
trash player
r8 grill
indeed- her chin looks weird.
nop. overrated af
-Zeus +Ex6
smooya kicked fpl
ikr. U can throw on purpose and ruin your teammates games without being punished but if u say 1 toxic thing u will get punished instantly. I really hate those ppl more than Toxic fuckers. You can stil...
Super Bowl Overrated
Too many ppl that never watch a game but when it comes to superbowl they are football expert. What a joke xd btw football most boring sport. You have to watch 3 hours to finish a game that only has 6...
How is that funny? comparing himself to one of the best players to ever touch a football when u clearly are not even close to top 1-2 which ronaldinho was in his prime. But anyway, snax was good but d...
dont try to argue with polaks or vp fans, they are just dumb. Snax was a good player when VP was in their prime and he definetly was their best player, but saying that he was ronaldinho of cs is just ...
Indeed, fucking waste of his talent if he keeps ingameleading. Dunno why they dont let adren call. Or as u mentioned drop rain or olof and get a decent igl
Your favourite CS player of all time?
It used to be f0rest in my early days but now its NiKo
ibp so bad stream
What stream are u talking about? Cant watch a single game of faze such a bs event. And when they finally get a stream working the sound is awful. Already worst event 2019.