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Enemy Of The People
You surely don't even know what a libtard is lmao... Just another blind Ben Shapiro fanboy i assume
Your salary in USD
Sure, thats because their lives overall is so shit that every little thing makes them happy. But dont try to say that you would be happier if youd live in Sri Lanka. And btw overall gdp has a proven ...
Your salary in USD
Yea sounds like fun
Your salary in USD
If gdp is shit the country is shit...so yes, of course you care
Immigrants attack Danish man
You can clearly see some pills/white powder on the table the first seconds of the video. They did some illegal shit and he filmed it. No excuse, but it's 100% the reason they got mad.
why no crowd ever cheer for the BR team?
You right, i'll rephrase. You're not blatantly racist, but has some racist tendencies. Is the basement dweller happy now?
why no crowd ever cheer for the BR team?
Considering race is extremely connected to nationality i think everyone can see how this is somewhat racist. Is it here i write a cringy ending like "sit down"?
why no crowd ever cheer for the BR team?
"We racist" Proceeds to make an incredibly racist sentence.
Props to him, but that was an awful 4v1 by vitality lmao. He got 4 isolated 1v1's even though they knew his position
So the terrorists made it nighttime in the middle of the day? :O
twitch chat
We love fortnite we love fortnite
twitch chat
Ninja and Pewdiepie broke twitch, traffic is too high atm lmao
Liquid Era
#1 go read it cry is indeed free
FURIA vs Astralis
size matters- no bait
What's 36cm in inches? just random question