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8 months with this problem , i am begging for help.
Yeah I know. Mistyped. But judging by your reaction you don't value my opinion on how to solve this. Good luck nevertheless.
8 months with this problem , i am begging for help.
Haven't read anything so just saying what I would do: check eventviewer for any errors, try the logs from steam / cs go (%steam root%\logs\_log.txt), disable or add a line to your firewall, scan your ...
best pc build under 1.2k € (2.0)
I disagree about the 16GB RAM being the 'standard' for gaming and i7 being better for those games. Perhaps for simulation games, yeah. And, what monitor are you going to use? People seem to forget thi...
best pc build under 1.2k € (2.0)
i7 for gaming? 16 GB ram for gaming? Optical Drive in 2k18? Really? Do i5 cpu and 8gb ram and get ssd. Fast loading screens is also "gaming experience"
If NiP beat Astralis
Current NiP will never beat current Astralis lol.
Smoke out of PC!
You gave your own solution: "Now here is the problem, the psu is literally dogshit but I thought it could handle it : " ???
fps problems
My solution, which will sound weird, was opening the Xbox app while playing. Somehow my FPS went from 30 to stable 60.
Guess someone finally completed his html course. :\
Girl advice
Just go for it. You're still young. Try it, and if it doesn't work out, tough luck, feel shit for 3 months and go on to the next girl. But if you're lucky you have the girl of your dreams. (and vic...
mOE: "Torqued will be the best in NA again"
rip google translate
weed price in your country
Weed? What is that?
Girls in CS:GO
Only girls in Silver. Or they are 11 year old boys who sound like females.