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I guess ur rank
18 2.6k Overpass f0rest Bulgaria
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about 1.2k
I rate your taste in Music
1. Rock/Metal/Jazz in general, usually listen to prog or alternative Rock/Metal. (Nu-metal, like some Linkin park songs are a guilty pleasure) 2. Google Play music 3. Dream Theater/Cage The Elephant 4...
Bad CSGO habits
Constantly playing overly aggressive. If I need to I'll make the right play most of the time, but the rest of time I'm full on monkey brain mode. That is sadly followed by a lot of overconfidence as I...
[110+ IQ] Classical music
CM Storm Quickfire TK Blue! Got it about 5 years ago. With a bit of cleaning here and there it looks and feels almost brand new.
Things that trigger you
Trust me brother, I'm not one to hunt for frags or bait, usually go in 1st or 2nd. After 5 years of this shit you usually know when a teammate is performing bad not just getting unlucky.
Things that trigger you
In CS: When the worst performing person on the team says "Trash team" or starts flaming me or somebody else on the team, I try to keep cool and ignore them but fuck does it get annoying when they repe...
Things that trigger you
+1 Been using it for the past 5 years. Anti-tilt command.
i rate music
R8 your Rank
Nice referral link(s) bro ;) can't believe so many people fall for these kinds of things.
don haci
You have nothing better to do, do you?
[+18] rate my boyfriend
God is dead
[+18] rate my boyfriend
hahahaha +1
Mom found my weed
Ya know the rules. Snitches get stitches! But seriously just tell your mom the truth, you'll be in deeper shit if you lied.