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Your first car + pic?
+1 really clean!
+1 Baits keep getting worse and worse.
Your English % score?
Got 96%. Not sure what I got wrong but eh, a pass is a pass.
True top5 F1 drivers
In no particular order: Schumacher Hamilton Senna Clark Fangio Lauda Kimi was absolutely amazing with incredible talent but he focused more on binge drinking and living the super star life, he could h...
Best music genres
These are both great! Seems like I've found another metal sub-genre I really enjoy! Thank you!
Best music genres
I enjoyed it a lot! Really like the mellow vibe, even with the double bass and screaming vocals it was still quite chill , thank you for the recommendation!
Best music genres
All of these are great! Really like prog, math and alternative ! Personally not the biggest fan of Black metal and its derivatives (The screaming becomes a bit too much after a while, but still have s...
Best music genres
1. Metal (Prog, Speed, Doom and a few more. Can't really decide) 2. Fusion Jazz/Swing 3. Rock (Punk, Surf, Blues and Psychedelic. Really hard to decide as well)
NiP >=< Dignitas
+1 (not biased)
Zandvoort (F1)
I sure hope so! If the cars were as short and narrow as the cars around 2000-2004 were then the races would be absolutely phenomenal! Qualifying will be dope tho I completely agree!
Zandvoort (F1)
True, still don't understand who thought it was a good idea to have mile long and wide run-off zones. Zandvoort also has the added bonus of Dutch fans cheering for Max, so that's probably gonna add to...
Zandvoort (F1)
Honestly don't know what to make of the 2021 cars yet. The reduced power, added weight from the new rims and other safety precautions and the fact that they are still gonna be just as wide as the curr...
Zandvoort (F1)
Now that you mention it, at least the crashes are gonna be spectacular. Also the very little runoff zones make the track seem very tight but we'll see if it actually is during the races. At the very l...
Zandvoort (F1)
Looking at the layout (I may be wrong here) it seems that you can't really overtake before turn 9 unless you pull away on the straights or try something risky on turn 3 and 4 . After turn 9 I can see ...