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NiP vs Envy
Sometimes all you can do is cry a little and seppuku.
lost 50$ on envyus, AMA
Mous v VP? GL.
Bday gift for her
Just go somewhere with her, she'll appreciate your attention more than any physical gift you'll find her and since youre a newer couple it'll let you guys learn even more about each other.
Natus Vincere vs NiP
It's the NiP magic, man.
CSGO about to die
I mean, if someone pulls a crazy ass prefire on me several times, I'll report and just watch the demo afterward to know theyre not cheating. Case and point if theyre hacking OW will eventually hit the...
FaZe vs Envy
Kio is mad af
GG 30$-4500$
And in 3 days I'll be reading your salt about some game you bet way too much on.
Draw your flag
VP vs FaZe
Bookmarks are useful.
VP vs FaZe
EU imitate USA?
Can't tell the big guys what they can and cant do once they're elected, sorry.
Perhaps on HLTV, yes, I'd agree. I honestly wouldnt be surprised if some of the pros in question cheat, wont be naming names, but I'm not going to witch-hunt them. Putting them in the spotlight and pu...
Or, instead, he can make a thread that's always being bumped, and thus always being seen. Also, how can you be brave on the fucking internet? We're all nerds behind our screens, and you're calling the...
Im pretty sure making a thread is just openly insulting a group, so.
Liquid vs mousesports
Elige wasnt there, nitr0 didnt wake up until the end of the map. Good game, though. Almost brought it back.