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Germany hate speech law
superior in which aspect? lul
sweden 8-0 luxembourg
nope, but you killed 1,5 million yet you are denying it
legija used it once in the whole match.. and that shit wasnt game deciding at all, probably he was just used to it stop being so butthurt boi
I really dont think most of them are even german it's just people trying to get us even more hated than we currently are anyways^^
Keev transformation
10/10 nice tits
All teams > BIG
u have to get ur facts right, c9 agreed with big that its ok to use it
Hate on BIG
I really dont get the hate, they both agreed to use this 'bug' that's already been in the game forever... also it's not game changing or overly op both parties can use it
yes italians definitely are black :D
Best series u ever watched??
south park family guy f is for family narcos walking dead Lost Stranger Things Breaking Bad Dexter ( on 4th Season now and I think it's getting more and more boring every episode I watch) and Prison ...
Argentina = subhumans?
Yes you are totally right, I get rekt by terrorists everyday, infact I haven't left my house in days because I am so afraid and outside theres only terrorist that rape my sister and closest friends......
Argentina = subhumans?
And you are not proving shit either. lol
Worst country of EU
I am talking about living standarts, I'd love to live in greece, only if I am a wealthy guy though
Worst country of EU
talking about living I would think, poland, russia, ukraine, greece etc...
Worst country of EU
yet those are the most influential and countries that provide a lot higher living standart than the european average... biased muslim hate
I have been to Gdansk and Warszawa this holiday and I can say, it's sad that almost no one speaks english there.. weird people like to sit down next to you and try to communicate and talk about white...