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2/8 you will trigger many
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Well kinda true, sure i can never prove you did anything, kinda impossible for me to do. But i remember, i think Jonty, posted some disturbing fucking screenshots of your conversations, never saved th...
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We have had this discussion like 5 times, Jovik
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I have no physical proof he did anything, just the things he said both on hltv and on pm's, he also got banned for that shit... Also he was a fucking moron, doubt you need any proof of that if you loo...
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I am just saying stupid shit, i get triggered everytime i see Jovik in someones nick, i fucking hated that borderline pedophile
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Idk if he is Jovik, he probably is, a fucking disgusting human
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Well you have a pedo nick in your name and you are saying some pedo shit, so idk
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Sorry, but pedophilia is not a funny thing
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Stop acting like Jovik/Jovlk/Singer who has never sung...
When did you stop playing 1.6 and moved onto CSGO?
I switched to go in like 2015, but switched to watching csgo from 1.6 in 2013
player that looks most nerdy
You will die!
I am most certainly not a robot, i know who i am, and who is they? As much as i know it's the jews, pushing their pro-muslim and pro-corporation propaganda, trying to destroy the values of independent...
You will die!
I know who i am, and i always will, i dont need other people to tell me who i am
You will die!
suicide is kinda the ultimate beta cuck action, cant even win vs your brain, real pussies kys.
Punch a Nazi
Eh, i guess you are just baiting, 0/8