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smokers who work out
flag doesn't check out
Killing civilians Turkey XDXD
True ++1
Wasting time on hltv during the work
What Business do you do?
Thanks man, good luck to you as well
Well it's not live so the fps will be higher then, but i guess i agree that the difference is too big for such small changes, anyhow what worries me is the fps stability issue
I don't think you can really call putting fucking grass in a map a big graphics improvment, csgo community is just strange, people cry all day long that valve needs to change things up, but when they ...
It's not even about a 1k pc, more like 300 EUR PC, that can have stable 150fps
What Business do you do?
Apart from my day to day job, i consult companies on possible ways to implement different data science techniques/models in their buisness processes. Sometimes i help out in building these models as w...
I don't think valve should sacrefice the design because some people have a pc from the stone age, however i agree that they should focus on having constant fps everywhere in the map, even a drop from ...
Hong kong revolution
nt Blizzard, yeet yourself back to reddit
mmm that's nice
Please accept my deepest condolences for your family's loss.
Do you car?
vroom vroom
Things you would die for?
My country and family
5 Facts Regarding the ‘322 Conspiracy Theory’
Just tell the truth and say you are registered there because they have low tax rate, that's nothing to be ashamed off.