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stop being leftfist
Modern leftists, sure act like they want Sharia law. It's probably the vocal minority, but still.
Least liberal countries?
I don't really care, just wanted to say that cnn and bbc is shit.
Least liberal countries?
Hahaha Believing in BBC and CNN :DDDD bruh
Buy car advice
Just buy Alfa 159 sportswagon, but go for the 2,4 jtdm, you will be happy, i havent driven 159 sportswagon, but had 156 sportswagon and it was great, now i have 159 sedan and it's an awsome car.
You could have baited many, but this is just a low tier b8. Better luck next time.
The Perfect Man!
+1 Especially for the tattoo part.
most powerfull men on earth
He has potentialy done something, but now he has done more good than bad. You do understand that stormfront was used as a hyperbole to prove a point right? If you cant see that, well i dont think you ...
most powerfull men on earth
I didn't ignore them, i agreed with them and you, but it didn't change anything, why should you be mad at Trump when he hasn't done anything to hurt the economy? I read the sources, and thats why i s...
most powerfull men on earth
And that doesnt prove Trump is Putins bitch, it simply doesnt. It just shows that a few people that know Trump are friends with some Russians, nothing more. Thats what you libtards do, exaggerate ever...
most powerfull men on earth
You saying something doesnt make it true, so if you say Trump works for Russia and can't prove it(noone can) then i might as well say Clinton works for Russia. Get your logic straight. Idk, i can't fi...
most powerfull men on earth
And when they were becoming presidents there was no media war against them, all mainstream media outlets from fox to washington post were bashing him, wow he 15 years ago said something sexist, but th...
most powerfull men on earth
A snowflake calling Trump a snowflake, lol. No he is not, how was Bush any better? Or Obama? at least Trump hasn't started a war. What are you on about, you know Trump multiple times has made sanction...
most powerfull men on earth
I never said he is the greatest, i just think its silly that everybody is always talking shit about him, when he is not even close to being the worst US president. I wouldn't say he is increasing anyt...
most powerfull men on earth
I am latvian, how can i be a Trump supporter, lol. I am just happy he is decreasing tensions between usa and russia and north korea. And partialy because of him many people are living much better, so ...
most powerfull men on earth
he has single handedly triggered millions of liberals., and thats a good job