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ropz unpopular opinion
we got someone with negative IQ
Would you date female clone of you
Why did I read the thread as "Would you defeat female clone of you", answering that, yes I would most definitely defeat a female version of me
Learning/doing something new every day
With that flair, maybe posting 150 comments could be a positive thing? For most 150 comment per day will degenerate IQ, but for NotJuan I think it might increase, you know something like regression to...
Liquid with shox....
+1 well said, in cases like this I think Valorant is a great option, nice place to retire but still play. Any org in valo should be begging to get a player like that
ESL announce complete team list for IEM Katowice Play-In stage
nice thx for info :)
Finno-Mongolian (Fingolian) superteam
true, so probably he could rifle, goat aug/krieg player?
Finno-Mongolian (Fingolian) superteam
No Simo Häyhä on awp? 0/8
Official: XTQZZZ leaves Vitality
+1 well said, b1ad3 is not appreciated enough
Is navi really good or..
I can say they didn't talk about it, not like you can prove it. Talking about dominance != some ground breaking approach to cs. I get it, you like Astralis, but be realistic, don't make them out to b...
Is navi really good or..
Nop, they did not, I don't remember precisely, but they had something around 60 utility adr. They used he grenades very often, much more often than other teams, but that came with less flash usage. Y...
Is navi really good or..
Maybe, but you said that Navi is not particularly great on tactics, which is not correct, they do extensive research on every team and are well prepared. I am not even that keen on thinking Astralis w...