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Ukraine and Russia
>1.destroy TV nt, Samsung, I see right through to you
Friberg nip comeback
Born that way, how 'bout you? Do you get stoned often because of your sexual orientation?
Friberg nip comeback
He might not be the best at grooming or even trying that hard, but that sure as shit is not fully naturale, he is grooming it somewhat and has that "i don't care" beard type, i have never had a big be...
Friberg nip comeback
Friberg nip comeback
Clearly a bait, noone in their right mind would say f0rests beard is bad....
I will tell you your IQ
I will tell you your IQ
1. NIP 2. f0rest 3. ESL one katowice 2015 4. Asstrails, navi, ence, renegades, liquid 5. f0rest, gtr, fify, friburger, xizt
ama about hockey or cs
Ouh with the puck maybe, i am not a good ice hockey player, so hard for me to judge, you know how fast they can skate without the puck?
ama about hockey or cs
only 41 km/h? it's fast, but idk always thought they skate faster, anyway great info my friend!
Already 700millions € donation for Notre Dame
In Latvia, my mens
Already 700millions € donation for Notre Dame
USSR didn't build any churches, and they are talking about France, idk what you are smoking Prokda, but stop
List of fake country
Preach it, brother!
I like to vape
No need to fuck them up, you can simply fuck them
Why USA has so many guns:
Yeah, you can shoot tornados and they fuck off, anyhow you need to be an extreme pussy to die from wind
Tornado Warning :O
Shoot at the tornado with your guns, the tornado will go away