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REZ won't fix NiP
F0rest the guy who did 5k yesterday all ne 3deag and 2ak ? That forest?
Bomberboy back In action.
Binary Dragons vs Nexus
I don't see him fragging lol. He s going 10bombs every game and even when they win he's on negative. You call that fragging ?
Binary Dragons vs Nexus
Neno god
Binary Dragons vs Nexus
Feelsbad when good players decline to join the team so you have to pick a bot like btn. Seminte Rider realcron xellow Snapple should create a new team and destroy those bots.
Binary Dragons vs Nexus
I wonder why bot btn is not kicked yet, he's horrible at everything
Nexus vs Kinguin
I'm talking about him when he was playing with country mates not mouz.
Nexus vs Kinguin
They can disband already. 1 guy can't do shit when you have 4 bots in team. Just like niko had before
Good, now make Russians servers and force them to play on own servers so we get rid these fgts
Singularity vs Nexus
Lul, they played only vs bad teams and they still struggle. They are bad af, individually xellow is very good and he should find an int team, he is wasting his time with those bots, same for cosmen. B...
rain 70% hs at IEM Sydney
Rain god
Zero Respect vs Nexus
Bot btn
iPhone 5
Ur that kind of kid who makes pics with them having shit, meanwhile you barely survive cuz no money left to eat or in best scenario you stole that shit/bought from people who stole it, gtfo
Nexus vs Above the Rest
Ur the only retard in here
EPG vs Nexus
50$ on rus hunden cuz he can aim sometimes, rare but still better than never.