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Liquid vs SK
All the analysts are retarded. Acting like Liquid had no chance
Luminosity vs SK
uhhh, isn't SK in Ukraine right now? If that's so, they'll be playing with very high ping
Cloud9 vs Liquid
c9 fangays don't understand the major was a fluke for skadoodle. He's straight garbage the rest of the year, as shown here
Liquid vs Torqued
liquid overrated af
NiP vs Liquid
NIP having trouble with a team with new player? Jesus, they are so garbage
Renegades vs Flash
australian cs is so garbage lol
Cloud9 vs compLexity
This is why cloud 9 will never win anything as long as they have skadoodle on the team
Astralis vs fnatic
Fnatic to beat these overrated scrub boys with no motivation
Astralis vs fnatic
Funny how people think Astralis will get their revenge at Eleague. Fnatic definitely has a good chance at upsetting again. Overrated Astralis
Rogue vs Cloud9
Most people don't realize, but even if Hiko doesn't have the best aim in the server, he's arguably the smartest player in there. Clown 9 are making some very dumb mistakes.
MLG to host next major
Although our csgo teams are crap, NA does usually show up and deliver when hosting majors
PENTA vs FlipSid3
lol at the people like Thooorin and lurpiss defending PGL, saying none of the problems are their fault. They blame outside sources. Cut the bs. All the delays ultimately fall on PGL. This major ha...
BIG vs Cloud9
LOL german cs. Such scrubs
OpTic vs Misfits
Optic possibly saving strats for ECS Lan? But even if so, they will get absolutely demolished. No way they beat SK, G2, or Faze in their group. May not even win a map
Astralis vs
The event is for Eleague, who has a contract deal with TBS. Their televised eleague matches were always at this time on Fridays. Have you just recently been following csgo, or are you just ignorant?...