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FURIA vs Liquid
Liquid needs to make changes if they want to win titles again. Their strats are getting stale. Seems like they won't be winning another worthwhile tournament any time soon
Evil Geniuses vs eUnited
Why do I get the feeling EG org just wasted their money? It's starting to seem like this team really was a fluke
This is one of the great characteristics of the US that many people seem to just brush over. Yes, there are many problems here, but arguably no other country has the amount of opportunities and optio...
CR4ZY vs G2
This is just more proof the HLTV rankings are horribly inaccurate once it's below the top 5 teams. G2 ranked in top 10, yet they are struggling against absolute irrelevant team. In other words, G2 a...
Can you drink too much water?
You can die from drinking excessive amounts of water in a short period. Google it. People have died from this before
Liquid could win the major
I've always wished that were true. However, they've proven time and time again, they don't deliver when it matters most. Gonna have to disagree on that one. I don't think Liquid will be winning the...
Favorit pornstar=?
angela merkel
MIBR vs Panda
lol rip mibr. Trash team
men = women in what sports?
Wtf are you watching? In tennis it was already shown years ago when venus and serena lost to some old guy ranked very low in the men's circuit. Serena was even on David Letterman herself even saying...
men = women in what sports?
tennis, volleyball, golf??? Bro, I think you know nothing about basic nature and physiology. Even those sports you listed, men absolutely dominate women
FURIA vs eUnited
I will have to respectfully disagree here. I think people are getting way ahead of themselves. Sure, Furia has looked pretty good against these lower teams, but you are talking about them winning ag...
MiBR problem
-felps -taco +kng +fns
damn, i was too late in betting on this game. Wanted to put a nice chunk on Ence. Mibr are done, they're washed up
I just don't see this Mibr becoming a top team again. Ence have young and freshly up-and-coming players that showed crazy potential. Mibr's players aren't as deadly as they used to be, except for co...
Astralis vs AVANGAR
man what were the odds for avangar to win? I should have bet