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I r8 your favorite song
You are not kiddings?
If you had 1 CS Wish?
fuck english
-Jumpy +pronax
Yes and he can help them make better midround decicions when praccing. Also with pronax they had the best timeouts in the world, meaning since he can talk during them he can help them get on the right...
-Jumpy +pronax
3 majors he had to be doing something right
Niko ruined Faze and Mouz
And how exactly does NiKo hinder them from doing that?
Niko ruined Faze and Mouz
And what is the solution? Terrible way to make an argument
3 Best IGL's in 2017
Because they have 1 gppd result, in the coming tornaments the certainly could and I expect them to, but not yet
3 Best IGL's in 2017
Your fault for still not giving me a reason why FalleN is not a top 3 igl of 2017, and then just claim stan is better when he's achieved nothing so far. If it is true tjat NEO has been the full time I...
3 Best IGL's in 2017
You saying stanislaw is better than fallen kind of makes your opinions worthless. I am not an sk fan but I am also realistic
3 Best IGL's in 2017
Of course he has been playing bad, but he's smart enough to find a solution one way or another. By the way you can't say an igl you don't even know the name of is better than someone else.
3 Best IGL's in 2017
Your question answered itself. VP doesn't have a full time IGL. SK does.
3 Best IGL's in 2017
Who else? top4 at major and final at dreamhack is a fine resume tbh, and so far in 2017 there have only been 3 big tournaments (excluding that chinese shit)
device moron lol
TSM won 5 in 2015