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Edward always problem
Cis cs fans not know shit about cs apparently. Edward is an important player in navi if you dont see that you dont watch navi games.
Fortnite is the future of e-Sports
just turn csgo into cs 1.6 again and i quit fortnite anyday. truth.
Steel Salty
they are kids man, they dont know shit they talk about ;) steel is the best ingameleader in NA for now. steel cant play with who he wants but fuck me he make bad players look really fucking good. if ...
Fortnite Kids wtf
fortnite is the shit now, !
War in Syria
hunt for oil is so second grade argument dude.. fuck of and dont type shit like that u idiot
Messi or Ronaldo?
Messi > ronaldo but noone near the god ronaldinho
fortnite is going to die
I bet u say that because u suck ass dude. U are gold nova?
redbull scam?
redbull isnt amphetamine u know.. redbull taste shit and work like shit
PUBG > Fortnite
I bet u suck butthole in the game then...
Fortnite > PUBG and why
oh sorreeeeey.. "realistic battle royale game". but aslo said both games are good. depends if u like building walls like trump or playing the more realistic way of a game..
Fortnite > PUBG and why
If u want to play cartoon network battle royale u play fortnite, if u want to play real battle royale pubg. Good games both of them.
s1mple MVP
Heroin overdose has to be the best possible way to go out i think. Fly with the elephants before u diving to the end of the pink waterfall
What if Sean coach for C9 ?
better than that burger eating valens they have now for sure. i bet he just sits at his desk at c9 house and eats burger king all day. watching maby one or two demos of gordon ramsay or jamie olivers ...
How to tell Girl likes you
dont ask the HLTV virgins for advice man ;)