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Playing games since PlayStation (2001). First serious PC game i ever touched was Counter-Strike 1.6 as a kid and instantly fell in love with it. As I got older I started playing multiplayer but casual only. Playing actively since 2010 (1.6 and a little bit Source) with pauses. Always loved that you could take advantage of game's engine and mostly played mods like Deathrun, KreedZ, Speedrun, HNS and eventually surf mod.
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Is DNA clean?
Not any more since abdullahs came to nordic countries.
Best European country?
Norway is so fucking expensive to live in, you have to have a really good job to live a good life there.
Stuck in gold nova
git gud
I just hit 2900hr in CSGO AMA
So what? Is 2.900 hrs consiedered much after the game is out for 5 years? Btw I have 4.200 hrs on my main and about 600 on my second + I had many pauses in the game, I sometimes don't play for 3 month...
eye colour?
one grey and other one brown
Majors in NA
Oh there are tiers of majors, can you explain to em how does that work? Every major has to be top tier and becoming better as time goes. Can you read what I wrote again and then comment please?
Majors in NA
NA crowd on tournaments
I probably won't cause I'll be skiing
NA crowd on tournaments
ye ikr
NA crowd on tournaments
+1 on that, remember when you had major with normal time and not starting in 10 PM like it does now. The hype about majors was unreal when they were in EU but now I don't feel the same about majors.
DaZeD and azk top2???
NA CS LUL come to EU and have that record. POGCHAMP
GX vs Torqued
ez for top3 team in the world GX !!! As Dazed said hahahaha fuckin peanut brain NA baiter
i5 3470 users?
My second PC has 3470, when I play on it sometimes I have 350-450 fps, 1024 all low with some tweaks cause I have to get as much fps I can from any PC so I'm a freak with those things. Oh yeah the GPU...
NA scene = bunch of streamers