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Winstrike vs Sprout
3-10 classic spiidi
d0cc thread deleted?
You are right, I thought it said VAC. My bad :p Still the whole history about this kid look quite weird
d0cc thread deleted?
One thing is being banned by overwatch, and a very different thing is being vac banned. Valve has been pretty clear about it. If you have a vac banned account on csgo you cannot play in majors/minors.
d0cc thread deleted?
He'll have it hard to join a pro team if its true that this account its his
Ok Valve.
idc bout skins huehuehue
your voice bind?
WASD vs North
ez for estonia
konfig racist
He is so retarded
Spirifex vs Great Danes
tbf they did pretty good on cph games :D
Face > Ass > Boobs
soul > everything #RespectWomen
longer warmup, don't play for atleast 4 days... this sort of shit helps me
I'm spanish AMA
I don't even know him, but I don't think he was referring to you specifically.
I'm spanish AMA
Again, It just made every thing worse. And the way Spanish media make Catalunya people look, like families are broken and shit, the comments I see from people out of Catalunya It just makes me positio...
I'm spanish AMA
For example not sending the GC to take the voting urns, here in Catalunya I think every one knew the votationg wouldn't mean anything since it was ilegal, but the violence seen on 1O made it all even ...
I'm spanish AMA
They way the government handled the situation of 1O made the real division between Spanish people and people in favor of Catalunya as a country