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How old is your country?
Ukraine - 101 years Created by the German army
Zen 2 Ryzen 3000 Sorry but AMD shits on Intel.
Poland and Germany
There is no evidence Poles did anything wrong to the ethnic Germans before the invasion.
Learn what an ad hominem is before you use the term you illiterate subhuman.
Libertardians are ethically bankrupt and their crackpot economic ideas don't work. The only reason libertardianism is still a thing is because of how much money is poured into the libertadian propagan...
Why would I "assimilate" (whatever that means) these faulty and moronic views from the absolutely most clueless people imaginable? This is what happens when one of those clowns debate with actual smar...
you are only repeating the same nonsense I have been hearing for years libertardians are really idiots
lmao retards still coping with muh free market in 2019
No you are just a moron.
ABS in 1 month
inject steroids
Ice hockey WC
The USA has started doing well only since about the 1990s. The decline of Czech hockey has only started taking its toll after 2005.
Ice hockey WC
Russians had Russian Bandy for an untold period of time too, the actual origin is disputed. Actual hockey with modern rules was developed in Canada.
Ice hockey WC
If Canada Sweden and Finland were 100% stacked it would also look different.
Ice hockey WC
I would agree with that. I would also agree that this year Russia is most likely to win.
Ice hockey WC
There are only a few competitive countries playing the sport. Canada as done better and Sweden won about the same amount of championships in the last decade or two. To say Russia is always the favori...