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1st. Thanks mum. I would like to thank all my friends, in the life I don't have, and my comfy computer chair for being the only support I know...
Twitch overlay
I JUST got one yesterday! I'd suggest using Strexm because it's a great free site with a lot of choices and you can customize the buttons and stuff you want showing up. I love mine. Just a suggestion ...
FlipSid3 vs Planetkey
because the german is the only one who has a picture. and all hltv users know if they have a pic, they are the most important and the most pictures = win
Natus Vincere vs NiP
Lol Na'Vi on Overpass? Rip them. NiP should have this considering how well they have been doing lately, unlike Na'Vi.
How to watch streams at school
I actually know how! Download the Google Chrome web browser app on your iPhone, connect to school wifi, and use it for your internet. It clears all websites as "Google Chrome" on all VPN and Proxies, ...
Liquid vs Enemy
NiP wins cologne 2015
Noble vs Barely Positive
I know, I hate how lazy HLTV is with CEVO and NA games.
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
Fnatic is a joke.
Titan vs x6tence
KennyS played like crap yesterday!
LGB vs Acer
But if you go to the Kinguin team page it says they are 2-0....
mousesports vs GPlay
You are dumb as hell. If you have been paying any attention at all to GPlay lately, you'll realize that they are the figurative smurfs of pro tiers. They have been a wrecking train lately and plowing ...
NiP vs Natus Vincere
Lol, you're wrong. Na'Vi has a 49% win percentage on this map, and NiP has 53% win.... Also TSM is not best Inferno. Gtfo if you don't know what you're talking about.
NiP vs Natus Vincere
Actually NiP has a higher win percentage on Inferno with 53% compared to Na'Vi's 49% and NiP has a higher pistol round win percent with 52% compared to Na'Vi's 48%. Also, Na'Vi has lost as many times...
Titan vs HellRaisers
What the hell do you mean top teams? They tied one T1 team and lost to the other, F3 is aT2 team and God knows what tier K1ck is in. F3 isn't a "top team".