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Dating sisters
haha i think so, glhf xD
Dating sisters
i think it depend on how you end your 1st relationship, if you and her sister just decide to stop in peace, so i think you good to go (with her younger sister) and vice-versa, if her older sister... k...
girl advice pls
NIP with maikelele
haha last match Xizt play very well too, but they can't do it on consistent basis. if they are, yes, NiP have chance to win any game
mousesports vs NiP
we? who's with you? don't use your opinion to everyone
mousesports vs NiP
who are you? how you can say someone is clearly good enough for the team? they know what to do so stop being wise, actually everyone say someone is bad, not deserved for the team but who fuckin care w...
mousesports vs NiP
i'm not friburg fan. i just mad because people judging someone they didn't know well. you not him, you don't know what he been through. you show disrespect for him, he don't deserved that. if there s...
mousesports vs NiP
at least he can beat the shiet out of you fuckin kid. learn to play better before blaming any-proplayer
Top 5 highest IQ pros
1.f0rest 2.f0rest 3.f0rest 4.f0rest 5.f0rest /close
Best A player in Mirage/Cache
if you have their aim! dude xD xD i think you just try to understand what team did when they hold a site in those map, by watching VOD (on Youtube, Twitch,..) or demo... Then you will know where yo...
R8 Yourself
11/10. i'm sexy and i know it
Giveaway! M4A1-S | Golden Coil FT live in Hanoi, Vietnam, small country with low life quality but what can i do? just deal with it. so, maybe i'm fine. just pro-cheater make me sick xD xD m...
Best Football leagues?
lol okok mybad
Best Football leagues?
yah maybe, that why i said "for me". because at my point of view, what they did still not impress me, maybe i miss something.