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s1mple 40 bombing in FPL
Damn, it takes ages... If I remember correctly, even a-level results are released much earlier
s1mple in navi
I would love to see him try to rage on Starix ahaha. Starix takes no shit. Same goes to Edward. They might argue with flamie tho, considering how inconsistent he is nowadays, that's I can see quite cl...
Zeus BibleThump
No, you are just dumb fuck, that's all! Marik always wanted to rifle, even in 1.6, Zeus and the team were forcing him to awp, same was in the beginning of CSGO and one of the reasons why he left, was ...
Triss or Yennefer?
I am pretty sure that those who played the game only picked Triss, while those that read the book as well, chose Yen
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
I'll give u one reason. Check the play hours of fnatic players in the past 2 weeks :) esp krimz and flusha
NaVi at 4th place
Fair enough about starladder, but show match with starix? Really?
G2 vs mousesports
G2 will always ban mirage first, esp since mouz can play it, why would they ban cache first lel
Gambit s1mple
Mmm, in online match? Okay....
Zeus vs Snax
If you think Zeus is fat, than I can't imagine your physique, either soaked in skinny or overwhelmingly fat
Nip's 2nd round
So winning force buy vs full buy is luck , that's how it's called nowadays? Okay, let's account all the wins of envy during their winning period to luck, since every time they were winning a force buy...
Nip's 2nd round
Luck? Luck? Did u really just say that NaVi won by luck? Can't stress how dumb you are
I hate LG
Must be humiliating when it turns out that the best team in NA, potentially 2 best teams in NA are from SA haha
Cloud9 vs Luminosity
+1 my Brazilian friend
HTC 1V1 Predictions
Easy for flamie, no kappa, flamie will actually rekt everyone 1x1. U seen his aim? Imo, his aim is even more crisp then Screams