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NiP vs FaZe
Faze full on shit the bed after that first map. GG nip, faze will have to work harder next week
Astralis vs AVANGAR
Yes this is an achievement. Avangar showed us that with a bit of practise and innovation that teams can beat astralis. They are not invincible. They went toe to toe with the best team and only just fe...
Astralis vs AVANGAR
Can we just take a minute to congratulate Avangar for taking 27 rounds against the best team in the world. There were rounds in there that could have let Avangar 2-0 astralis. GG Avangar
Virtus.pro vs Gambit
VP got so lucky at the end of this game. Lucky pushes through the smokes. Ah well congratulations vl
BIG vs compLexity
At the end of map 1 both the Brits top either side of the leaderboard for rating.
Astralis vs Ghost
Ez for ghost. Got £2.50 on them for shots and giggles
IBPmasters. Is it legit?
+1 mate. A horrible experience from all involved. I'm sure whoever wins the event will also agree it was a shambles
IBPmasters. Is it legit?
Yeah from tweets I have seen people are not happy. I urge the organisations to never accept an Invite to an ibp event anytime soon. If they have no teams that can't put on another shit event and screw...
IBPmasters. Is it legit?
Yep. I never expected a decent result from faze with a new member also with the other 4 having weak performance at the end of 2018 but I don't think this event has helped any team
IBPmasters. Is it legit?
Kay bud
IBPmasters. Is it legit?
For reference https://twitter.com/JoshNissan/status/1087085669061558272?s=09
IBPmasters. Is it legit?
+1 my friend.
IBPmasters. Is it legit?
To be honest I did not expect much from faze for this tournament so I'm not too down on this result for them. Other teams are suffering from this awful event but respect to them for adapting to the si...
Astralis vs Cloud9
These wankers gonna full on ignore group B. What's the fucking point of having 2 groups if your not gonna have 2 streams. Damn idiots. Worse than gamers paradise
FaZe vs Ghost
Ibuypower are fucking shite. Really no stream for a highly anticipated new line up? Your a fucking joke