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Astralis vs FaZe
Haha hahaha I guess Faze is back to normal
Natus Vincere vs Vitality
Navi ban Vertigo Vitality ban Train Navi Pick Overpass Vitality Pick Mirage Navi Ban Dust 2 Vitality Ban Nuke Inferno is left over Navi Win Overpass Vitality win Mirage Navi win Inferno 2-1 Navi
Liquid vs FaZe
If Guardian goes off like he just did Liquid should have a hard time picking up Inferno. I still think that Liquid will go 2-0 now but If Guardian plays like that hes gonna make them sweat
Liquid vs FaZe
There were 3 rounds that should have gone the other way. could have been Fazes
Liquid vs FaZe
Its Olof again. When ever something goes wrong that man is involved. He will never be back to his hayday. Time for a change of colours Olof.
Liquid vs FaZe
damn poor Guardian. Any other Awper gets lucky with that shot through the smoke
Liquid vs FaZe
Why do Liquid look like they secretly enjoy being fucked in the ass? Apart from Twist who makes no effort to hide the fact he enjoys it KappaPride?
NRG vs FaZe
You know, I have gone past the point of being upset when Faze fuck up. Now i just watch the match Genuinely disappointed with everything they do.
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
good start for Balloonbl4 i guess
G2 vs FaZe
Faze played terribly today and yesterday aswell, however G2 had 1 factor for them, they have a player who is true to his name. Lucky, He most certainly is. GG G2 might aswell go on and win it now :)
ENCE vs FaZe
fucking hell Faze, you are my boys but you need to fucking sort out those eco buys, the only reason they lost. Im impressed by the changes since no addition but dissapointed with that crash out, still...
Liquid vs FaZe
hate how often timing fucks faze over, Liquid are looking good, so are Faze but the timing is just on liquids side
Grayhound vs FaZe
ah for fuck sake faze, how did you fuck that up?
Grayhound vs FaZe
he just looks like he is so into himself that he would think his cum is a delicacy