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Watch the game.

Right. They're shooting each other. They're fighting over sites. They've got pretty good reactions. FPS skill. CS objectives. We get that.

Now watch closer. Watch one good player as he moves around the map, where he runs and where he walks, where he looks, where he doesn't look, how he peeks, what route he takes from A to B. Watch the intersection where his knowledge of the map and meets his uncertainty of where the opponent is, and find the little gambles, the calculations of risk and reward, the instant inferences of how he can be killed and how he can be ready to kill.

The intuition of the game emerges.

Now rub your eyes, shake your head, and back your view up until you look at no one player. Look at a team. See what they see on the minimap, what parts of the map they control, what parts they give up, and the constant evolution of their positions from second to second. See what they guard against, what they do not expect to happen. See what they consider vital, what they are willing to give up. See how they set up an attack, or prepare for an attack they expect. See where and how they plan to fight and kill. Understand the purpose of every flash and smoke to the integrity of the whole. Feel how each death lessens their unified power. See how a honed team sees, as a single unit of many units: layers of vision overlapping each other, players darting in unison with their separate tasks and focuses, the reactions and changes of their movements implying communication and the dynamics of cooperation.

The synergy of the game emerges.

Such is the beauty of team sport, the merging of individual and group consciousness toward the achievement of one goal. Such is my interest in competitive Counter Strike.

Well, that, and having a good time in chat.

Let your thoughts grow on that for a while.
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If Hillary wins
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