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Pros who are libtards
I agree with you partly. I think a system that favors smaller states is good. A winner takes it all system in presidential elections, however, is absolutely retarded imo. 50.5% of the state voted for ...
Pros who are libtards
20x? I aren't think that It just followed the trend set since 2010, the economy is doing well but you can't actually claim it's become better because of Trump
No but you can't say anything bad against rain!! (for some reason) really don't get it either, it's been a very long time since he's impressed me
Top 5 awpers at their peaks
nah at least imo JW was a beast with the AWP, just in the sense that he was so unpredictable and annoying to play against that the enemies just got scared
Shooting in California
yeah so fucking scary honestly I live in a country with very low gun violence but this always terrifies the fuck out of me and the fact that the NRA buys all the politicians is so fucked up my condole...
Help! GF birthday
Help! GF birthday
+1 the less materialistic and the more thought out it is, the better if your budget is that large, why not spend it on a (surprise) getaway for a few days?
Blast Pro Crowd
I was really thinking about going there but now kind of glad I didn't, NOT because Astralis didn't make the final but because this is just really disappointing by the fans. Why would you still pass on...
I wanna be rich
make a very ambitious but realistic plan how you want to get to a really good point financially in 10 years, some job you aspire or something. Then make every decision towards that.
I cheated on my wife
only right advice.. OP I actually feel sorry for you because I know how fast that shit can happen and I was close a couple of times as well in past relationships. Honestly tell her the truth and how s...
Vacation locations
Long range or short? My favorite place I've ever travelled to was Vietnam, it's an amazing place to discover own your own as well. for short time/range, I'd recommend to come to the swiss mountains if...
i r8 your 1st knife
actually my first knife is still my favorite.. Bayonet urban masked mw
fuck Astralis,seriously
Top 10 players 2018 so far
-aizy +twistzz -olof +either aizy or ropz and I feel like gla1ve should be in there or really close but you're right, aizy isn't as far off as I thought olof can't possibly be there imo because he wa...
Best play of csgo
yeah depends on the definition I guess, but it's definitely the one with the least luck and a lot of skill flusha's ace at Katowice 2018 was a really epic and skillful one as well though