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no ddk+bardolph for major
or maybe because Bardolph played hardcore industry politics at the faceit major
GuardiaN Major History
glad to hear that, Malysz got a lot of love as well here actually miss those legends kicking ass
The difficulty of not being from a westerner/rich country
hey man, interesting wall of text, actually read it A few pieces of advice: - Make paragraphs when writing texts, a lot more people will read it - Keep at it, you're 15, a lot can still happen in the ...
GuardiaN Major History
yeah sorry our Simon Ammann kind of stole that. Malysz definitely deserved one
GuardiaN Major History
maybe not at the point of winning the major but mou has shown to be an absolute monster for quite a while
device hybrid?!
don't even bother, such willing stupidity can't be countered
Astralis era - 2018 - 2018.
Astralis era - 2018 - 2018.
testing the other team's lineups and just the meta overall, it usually changes quite a bit after player breaks ok nvm, didn't finish reading your comment before writing lmao
Astralis era - 2018 - 2018.
Just reread my comment now, it's rather that they didn't give a shit about losing, if that makes sense. Still, your point is valid, especially with Astralis, however, they were definitely holding bac...
American Women #1?
it's all taste and hard to judge. however, no way in hell are American girls the most beautiful
yeah exactly, feels like the skill ceiling just lowered
Astralis era - 2018 - 2018.
lul I'm losing my shit over here with all these threads. Astralis were laughing and high fiving after losing, they just wanted to learn from this tournament, they didn't care for a second about winnin...
lmao +1
bye bye astralis era
I'm not mad even though I'm an Astralis/dev1ce fan, can I still have some alcohol tho