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Xyp9x LOL
Finally. Even though the timing is weird, the notion of "gets paid to play video games all day" is so fucking dumb I don't even know what to say
Astralis era never ends
Best team in the world, worst fucking org of all time, it hurts
flashpoint trophy
Better long-term investment for orgs
4th day of CSGO withdrawal
+1 I'm kind of lucky I'm in quarantine back home at my parents' house and my pc is not there anymore, I actually have to do interesting things now:)
Might make sense, if everything stays this way, it'll be truly interesting to watch. From the way this has transpired though, I'm not sure if this will be the end result.
Flashpoint sofar
I think many people will do the same in the beginning but switch back when they discover that most of EPL matchups are ass as well (mostly just T1 team vs T2/T3 team), which is even less entertaining ...
Flashpoint has made the best outcome possible
It's picking up the pace, getting better each day, they still need to polish up all the minor issues for it to be a truly great experience. Still would rather watch this than EPL right now.
Rio major dream is over
I know this is all very hypothetical but the major being online would be the biggest joke of all time. I hope they find a good studio at least, maybe a small audience.
Flashpoint LMAO
Yeah idk, I would've thought that they'd try to come out guns blazing, however right now they're not making full use of their incredible talent lineup.
Flashpoint LMAO
Wondering the same. I was actually favouring flashpoint in this debate because I generally don't invest my time in watching league matches instead of tournament playoffs, thought I'd give this a shot ...
Is it possible for a human to have 300+ iQ
Absolutely agree on the second part, not sure about the first one. It's definitely not an absolute indicator of all your strengths and weaknesses but it's a good estimate of someone's maximum potentia...
Is it possible for a human to have 300+ iQ
Really curious about that 250 IQ number. Honestly having a hard time believing it because it is so radically above anything else. What if IQ tests just aren't really accurate anymore once we get to 16...
Device #1 GOAT
I think being the greatest of all time is about insane consistency at the top, something that dev1ce is still unmatched in. Noone has even come close to being a top 5 player for so many consecutive ye...
IEM Kato 200iq
Yeah, I mean I would've loved the reactions to some of the sick plays we've seen but for the love of god, 2 hours of "Let's go Astralis let's go!" nonstop is so bad, I hope fans become more creative i...