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The Wire /End Thread.
ScreaM is bad
I can imagine him being an absolute nightmare to try and IGL for, he pushese expecting to get his mythical JUAN TAPAS but ends up getting that work. average fragger, who prefers the flashy kills over...
North vs AGO
North are a horrific team, they act like big dogs, but struggle to beat teams in the top 20.
Ronaldo doesnt play CS and your best player is fox lel
"support" role
IMO Support players should now be called Neutral KDA players, they dont overly frag hard but they dont feed give bad trades to the opposition side and will typicall go 1 for 1 before they die. People...
kick pasny already
Sadokist the racist, oh I see where you're going with this.
FaZe ScreaM
fraudye telling it like it is. +1 scream will join some woeful NA org and then disappear back to mediocrity, he provides nothing in the T1 Scene, he should just make £££ streaming.
I'm not actually sure how some of you could want Costa Rica to win, all they did was kick any brazilian player as soon as they got past them, unfortunately the spineless ref wouldnt use his cards. Co...
well dont you feel like a bellend now OP. Holland, No CS Scene and no Football Scene, worse than the UKLUL.
Players that dont deserve to play in pro teams
All of North.
OpTic vs North
Why are North constantly outgaming themselves with rotations? why not just 2a, 1 floater, 2b. Optic will take Inferno easily if this continues.
OpTic vs North
this is quite an interesting match since the Danish scene is quite incestrious as they all know each other, does this mean that all the Optic players know what MSL is gonna call? could be a slogfest ...
Envy vs Heroic
In terms of quality, this type of CS has been absolutely shocking - it's horrific to watch, nobody watching sites? Seriously, half of the players on both teams should just hand up their mice. Scream...
Who would join NiP when they are routinely getting bodybagged by T2 teams?