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MM rank is a joke
Everyone with trash trust factor stop playing mm for a month or two, your experience will most likely be a lot better when you return.
GamerLegion has potential
you want dennis igl? lmao this aint 2015
juliano or frankie
Seen interviews with Juliano and safe to say she is dumb as a brick n has the personality of a wet noodle.
FaZe k1tosen
I mean he is a good player and def has a future in a better team but don't compare him to fucking s1mple.
kingdom come deliverance is pretty good and looks like you would like it based on previous played games.
mouse fk2 or ec2-a
depends if u want ambidex mouse or ergonomic. I can't aim at all with ergo mouse so for me fk2 is best mouse I used, better than logitechs small ambi mouse for me as well.
GamerLegion KennyS
this has to be one of the weirdest moves possible for them lol
Fnatic twist bad
he lacks the winner mentality
Why keep hiring Pimp?
affirmative action, every desk needs a hotdog vendor. Fat P1mp was alrite, this new tight spandex wearing bike riding guy is a grade A douche.
bot allu
I love how his after plant strat if Stewie smoked the bomb was legit just HOLD W knife out slashing LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. So many spots to hold from, he knew he faked stewie since he was not B yet d...
xl2546 good?
xl2540 basicly has dyac as well its just not as bright and hidden behind a menu, but the option is there. But I prefer no dyac for cs, placebo or not feels like a slight slight delay with it on. Or im...
Jesse Lee Peterson
FaZe vs Virtus.pro
adren was the PROBLEM
ben shapiro fans come here
Frankie and potter and that girl host at blast
Smix is cool shame about not embracing the meme and banning "Asa Akira" in every chats shes in nowadays. Must be triggering her as a chinese to be named the most famous japanese pornstar but I guess t...