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KnG out, but what about FNS?
???? it went through??
3/8 you can do better. Also, if you re going to bump with an alt account use a different one than the obvious known one.
best igl in the world
Karrigan probably
Dog opinion
Game of Thrones fan kid spotted
s1mple kill navi... i was one of the only ones who was against him joining :/
say "hello" to XANTARES
Hi Ismailcan :-)
no-fap time boys!!
Those are some of the ugliest adult entertainers i have ever seen, even with makeup! Most of them look like they have been on crack for years...
A real pros is switch to the pubg , summit , shroud , joelz who next valve till fix match make server?
how to cut myself
Cut along the veins on your arm, not across them. It's a big rookie mistake to cut a cross and you might actually survive it. Imagine not even being able to commit suicide, that would be very awkward!...
Russian Actor looks like Fiflaren
This is what you get when you breed Fiflaren with Oskar
Wtf kng and shoowtime twitter xD
Do not take Twitter banter seriously... - Jonty04l32 2017 Just goes to show that your fake pretentious intellect is just a facade. You're a fraud. The guy literally sent out a death threat via twitte...
Friends with Oskar bro... its all networking and favors in this csgo scene :)
Florida deserved it.
I just make a check and it is actually Austria. I make fault
Florida deserved it.
Nt cheese head
His orignal comment was something about woxic only being good in fucking goats :-) Then he changed it to lul becaus he got scared of ban haha. No balls