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NBA meaning
National Basketball Association it means...
ByeBye C9
You supported C9 when it was easy to support C9. Now that times are hard you switch. You showed us your true colours :-)
ByeBye C9
NA users switching teams like pairs of shoes. What else is new?
karrigan in mouz
+1 -Karrigan +Tabsen can only save Mouz at this point. Maybe -Frozen too
Aleksib HATE thread #9
He has a 0.79 HLTV 2.0 rating and people treat him like he is the Ronaldo of counter strike. In all objective measurements, this guy is the biggest con artist in the scene looking at the salary he is ...
Saving money
It is important that you first carve out the portion of your salary that you want to save and make due by budgeting your life around the remaining money. Personally, I advocate for 30% - 40% of your s...
India on hltv
HLTV #1 2019
Danish site so will be Device.
JW + Golden
FALSE. Cadian has 7 and JW has 3 and Golden 5 so 5+3 = 8 and 8 > 7.
Next economic crisis
The inverted yield curve has been a good predictor in the past but we only started monitoring it actively recently and it is a universal rule that things that are being monitored behave differently. T...
Alphas come here
Appeal to their love for the 2nd amendment.
best polish pro now?
I have high hopes for Mantuu
Fallen Faze
Yes let's add a 4th awper, big brian!
N Word Pass?
Anyone can say nigger as long as it is not used as a racial slur. Do not let the media indoctrinate you into limiting your freedom of speech.
JAME TOP 10 2019?
He will be #16