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got muted by default because of reports
I had the same happen to me. The system seems broken. I played a lot lately and got paired a bunch with retarded teammates that were also snowflakes. Literally out of my control.
Build a team of no major winners
s1mple, zywOo, Niko
I used to do this while I was in college and it is a lot of fun. Most girls will give you a chance because you had the balls to talk to them.
Stock Investing
The reasons you give in favour of Bitcoin like fixed supply, decentralised, no central bank and the bitcoin halvings every 4 years are definitely legit. But this is not some kind of inside information...
Stock Investing
I am not long on cryptos. But you are being ignorant if you say don't offer a compelling alternative to modern currencies.
Stock Investing
Yeah this Danish guy is a retard
Stock Investing
How do you know that it is not a coincidence? It might very well be. Commodities and currency prices are very complex and gold being at ATH doesn't prove anything. Gold is a really shitty long term i...
Stock Investing
At least you know the rules so you won't get crushed by the game. All in bitcoin does not sound very diversified. I am glad you have so much fate in Bitcoin and it is definitely better than hoarding ...
Stock Investing
There is no value in trying to predict a market crash. If the dollar ever crashes it means the financial system as we know it has collapsed and it won't matter where our money is we will all be broke....
Stock Investing
I respect that you are more informed than most people but at the same time you are a bit ignorant and dont have the exact facts. Fiat money is meant to lose value because one of the objectives of th...
Stock Investing
Quantitative easing doesn't directly affect money supply nor does it cause price inflation. Its aim is to control interest rates and it does result into higher equity prices aka core inflation. Know...
Stock Investing
Dont buy beyond meat is a shitty overvalued company that is nowhere close to growing fast enough to allow their valuation. The big boys like Mondalez and Nestle will catch up quickly once they smell o...