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Is JaCkz the best entry fragger of all time?
He wouldnt even make it in my top 30
AWP is broken
Should have changed your flair before making this post lol
feeling like shit
Stop fapping if you are doing that.
best goal of Euro 2020 so far?
Flag checks out
best goal of Euro 2020 so far?
Against Austria. Great pass from Depay and very good on Malen for remaining calm and being a team player.
best goal of Euro 2020 so far?
Ancient A bombsite is so shit
He did not get spammed through the smoke. There was a huge gap in the top right of the smoke.
Ancient A bombsite is so shit
Imagine repeating Semmlers opinion on HLTV like some pseudo intellect. How about people actually learn to use proper nades before complaining?
Ancient A Site
I agree, you seem to always get shot from either snake path or chicken coop. A crossfire between those two positions in match making will guarantee a lock down.
Worst game publishers
Small companies get sued by predatory law firms in name of investors all the time, that doesnt really mean much. The fact that they fix their games means that they care and at least they are trying to...
I started investing
What do you think about the Brazillian monetary policy? Brazillian Real has lost quite a bit of value against $ and Euro in the past. This could hurt your inflation adjusted retruns. It might be wor...
Crypto bubble bursting?
They already did 800 M or 3$ per share in earnings last quarter. I expect Q2 to be at least around 2-2,5$ per share. Overall 2021 will be at least 7$ eps I would estimate. So based on that I dont see ...
Crypto bubble bursting?
I went long on Coinbase today. Volatility will remain high and interest in crypto will return. Their fee based profits will be pressured under time but they will continue to grow the platform and dive...
micro stutters on high fps
Have you tried force locking your gpu power state and clockspeed?