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1am pst and 3am est. Nobody is awake in NA
I`m done with HLTV
but that would not feed sensationalism tho
Wtf its snowing
Like stepping on a hard slushy making a crunch sound. At least from the 2 times I've ever seen it.
Would you like to take us back into the empire? I know we are unworthy and we suck at everything. We will even admit you guys created the internet.
na are so proud of his team
Of course we are not all ridiculous assholes as you make us out to be. And it is not ignorance, we know we are not the best. You have this misconception that you need to constantly remind us, but we d...
islamophobic anti islam threads and users should be banned
Everything should be scrutinized. Islam is cancer and promotes killing of apostates and child marriages. It's disgusting.
Language and your Thought Process
-English native -Speak high school level German and some Latin -Hard to understand German native speakers, I usually only catch a couple words in a sentence. Much easier just to read the language an...
NA, Who are you gonna cheer for?
liquid cuz s1mple
About Atheists
Who has the motivation to write this shit this early in the morning.
About Atheists
pls no! #notallamericans
As long as it does not affect me I don't care. But here in the US it usually does in debates like abortion and in law making.
EU so bad and poor
We can still afford our 700 billion $ military somehow. Priorities.
oh ok.
Are you sleeping for dinner tonight?