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EU rap
Rap in your country
Vähän suomiräppii Best music video 2015
TSM 2016 Confirmed
Twist is secondary awper. He only awped in cphwolves because he was the only one capable and pyth is good with rifles. G2 back in Dennis days had 2 primary awpers(maik and fox) and one secondary (denn...
Allu to C9
2 awpers why not. Finnish girlfriend and family why not. Swag pretty much confirmed in c9 if he gets banned why not. They definitely need allu imo, top 5 inc.
Snus in scandinavia
Göteborgs rape
why Finland is the best country
yes the fishcock is very good
Hardcore rap from ur country
This is actually pretty good.
Hardcore rap from ur country this is the most hardcore artist I can come up with. He's pretty cool but there are plenty of better rappers but not so "hardcore". Edit: How could i forg...
He's only subbing in esea afaik
Marihuana :D
is cool illegal elastinen
best rappers?
I would consider him in my top 10 list no kappa. His few mixtapes and tha Carter 2 and 3 are really good but after that he started slumping hard.
Hey Finns how to pronounce Xarte?
Ksarte or Ksart
Yung Lean
Motorola is my jam E m o t i o n a l b o y s
Joelz not on LAN
GTR nickname Totte, Joelz nickname Jokke. Smurf confirmed
Your sensitivity and CM/360 ?
rank? bcuz that's a really high sens