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The worst in-game-name
UFC fans come here
Be that as it may, fighters themselves are partially to blame here for not realizing their worth. I may be a Diaz fanboy but listen to him here, he's not wrong.
visit me in Sweden if you are white
I got called braindead mustafa swedistan on my steam profile by a german who couldn't handle a 16-14 loss, feelsIKEAman.
UFC fans come here
Picogram just keeps getting better, only another cocaine phase would prevent him from staying undefeated.
why is weed illegal?
Government is another way to say "better than you".
Bullied on gym
If you're working on it and they give you shit for it, they can go fuck themselves. How small person can you be inside to bully someone trying to improve.
Cancer :(
You never expect friends or people close to you to get terminal illness, it feels surreal. It's only normal to be going through a rolller coaster of emotion after tradgedy, Hopefully you have some mem...
Anime: Naruto & Naruto Shippuuden, personally got obsessed with it. Hentai: Nozoki Ana Anime haters fucking kys and l2p
Future csgo's changes
128 MM won't happen. Source 2 won't happen. VAC will never step it up for competetive play. Cheats will probably become more common and easy to obtain. Optimization in performance and visuals, pipe dr...
Your best spot
D2 short, you'll do sweet fuck all.
Supreme box logo dropping tomorrow
If you're a daddy issue with no personality. Then by all means, go and be deep with your Supreme, wish you all the best.
ISIS created by USA ?
USA did 9/11, ISIS, Al-Qaida, framed Bin Laden, framed Hussein. Anything "middle eastern is evil", well no fucking wonder.
G2 HATERS... tbh
Fuck all G2/nV/belgian/french faggots who decide to jump dick every slump. Only kioshima and rpk are worthy of respect.
f0rest LUL
-f0rest +iZnoGouD
champions league today
I love it when people use sheeple. Rather on your side than offside. xDDD