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girls advice!
no you suck my dick you bitch?
Boku no Hero Academia. Season 3 just aired man now's the time to strike.
I’m fat
Track your macros, look up what macros is on YouTube and try to adapt, even with a very slow metabolism it is entirely possible for you to change your body composition. Stay away from empty carbohydra...
hatersg0nnahate vs MK
human Growth hormone?
S1mple is not 1/10 of what coldzera is...
you probably even changed your flag for this horrible bait, what a waste of time
ago on gear?
No way phr and snatchie are legit. :)
shave pubes?
If you've got a nice cock flaunt it, if not don't. It's a simple, yes?
AGO vs mousesports
See They are updater this after my comment :) Valve Anti Cheat prevails
AGO vs mousesports
Their rotations are too good to be true, surprised how anti-cheat hasn't been updated in a while.
Inb4 14-16 and Snax contract ends
Atleast - bondik - ange1 could help out Gambit tremendously. The potential for a great mix team is still there without those 2 on HR.
Hltv news: Ex6TenZ to learn Russian and play for Gambit Ez fix??
I'm not judging, people who don't do math are the only ones who will judge. Monster is a lot more expensive in the long run, just discipline yourself and don't drink 5 scoops a day and it's better. A...
Honestly most GFuel tastes just like some vitamin water, it's nothing special really, just overhyped cuz they sponsor so many streamers. But if you were to try it, go for Pineapple or Blue Ice. I boug...
Highest individual skill CS:GO all time
fer just getting eco frags for stat-padding, the guy is really average. Rain has insane aim.