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Possible ways 4 vp players
cuz still gonna be tier-3 team? but at least better then this
5 Worst Pro Players on CS:GO teams
edward flamie zeus neo pasha
Real Madrid
if you bet on score 3-0 you would get ez x126, i guess all real players become way more rich
Juve Barca and City are favourites also PSG and Liver can do some damage
iPhone or Android
i had iphone 6s for like 1 month and thats all, doesnt see any difference almost the same system cuz they like to steal from each other, right now there is no difference in this 2 system they can do a...
iPhone or Android
come on it's not 2010, android right now is way better have better features and more open to do what ever you want, iphone limited shit for 2-3x price limitness was good back in iphone 1-5 when hardwa...
iPhone or Android
ahahah, lite version was already done before apple and samsung, for exmaple huawei have p20(XS) p20 pro(XS max) p20 lite(XR), but to be fair p20 pro >> XS max for way worse price, camera in that phone...
iPhone or Android
what is the differance between like 1k dollars iphone x over some mine xiomi note 5 for 160$?? i cant tell you there is almost no difference between this 2 phones, camera a bit better, yep CPU better ...
Top 20 2018
yep +1, msl > cold
s1mple to faze obviously
he had 1.16 rating since he joined faze, only 1,12 in 2015 in big events so nt, he was better then in 2015 but all players step up, niko finnaly find a team brazil players finnaly got amazing roster, ...
s1mple to faze obviously
and why do you think so? when never had such thing in cs, maybe both would become even more dominant, like guardian when he joined faze he become like old guardian in 2015 but with niko in team still ...
s1mple to faze obviously
but karrigan aim silver s1mple global
s1mple to faze obviously
no no, flusha was great but not the best guardian best, there is a lot of amazing players duprhee xyp9x device glave electronic that could be like yep great duo, but niko and s1mple is like in a whole...
s1mple to faze obviously
niko and s1mple in 1 team it's unfair, 2 best players right now just like 2015 olof + guardian in the same team
since iniesta get mad about messi robbed him with all awards and xavi left barca, then barca didnt have that amazing team