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ederson start this matched, but for some reason pep changed ederson for bravo in 2nd half, so you cant use ederson anymore, it'l really rare that you have to change keeper in a match or keeper getting...
Russians/Ukrainians COME HERE
i was in school and university for like 16 years. and all of that years was back then with old goverment and still teacher used ukrainian for like 95+% some of the teacher espacially in university jus...
Does Na'Vi hava a chance for the finals
are u retarded? nip 6 points 3 games navi 4 points 3 games, if navi win both games they have 10 points, if nip win only 1 game then they have only 9 points, SO for navi to advance need just beat astra...
or w8 for intel 10th gen, where i3 10th gen = i7 7th gen(4 cores 8 threades), i5 10th gen = i7 8th gen AMD did so amazing work if wasnt for them intel would still sell 4 cores cpu as best one for same...
Ukraine come here
even with bullshit red card penaldo couldnt win
replace this weak 580 with smth like pulse or nitro+ from sapphire and perfect build, cuz armor msi is kinda hot as fuck
rtx 2060 for what? you cant use rtx on it, cuz it weak on it, just waste of money, 5700 radeon or 1660ti or higher like 2060 super 2070 super
ny da s1mple 4yt' hyzhe 4em v 2018 no zywoo dazhe ne yroven' s1mpla 2019
i'm liver fan, but city > all right now just the best team
still liver and city >> bayern yep maybe in bad day bayern can do smth, but in 4/5 games they wont do shit to city
dev1ce Vs s1mple
cuz of esl ban s1mple have like 2-3 years less competition, so he will be always 2-3 years behind, so by your logic device will be always more consistent cuz he played more? he didnt achive shit, dign...
dev1ce Vs s1mple
ronaldo can shine in many clubs? he played only in a team full of superstars, ser Alex MU was godlike back then, not just 1 ronaldo, RM come on full of superstars in any position(also 3 CL was a fluke...
dev1ce Vs s1mple
do you understan that trophys is a team achivement?(even in navi 2018 when s1mple was godlike he wont win shit without electronic, device wont win any tournament if he had shit teammates) by your logi...