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Opinions Of Iranians
Frankly? Stuck-up cunts who think their shit doesn't stink.
US schools
Why rich countries so much cancer
Because the poor countries are not even on the list, you absolute dingus?
Weird situation with a girl.
The situation isn't weird, you are.
Gun Free London Surpasses New York in Murder Rate
This is one of the reasons I keep coming back to HLTV after all these years - to watch all these abject morons make absolute fools of themselves. Keep it up.
VAC banned
Sure. If all of that is true I am sure it will all be sorted out with your support ticket:
VAC banned
How many phone numbers do you have? How many accounts do you have? Why do you say you last used a different account 5-6 months ago? Was that the last time you cheated? Because VAC can take a while to ...
Israel shoots 773 Palestinians.
No, I think the Palestine/Israel conflict is potentially the most difficult one out there and I do not have a proposed solution. However, you can do things to support your cause - at least as far as i...
Israel shoots 773 Palestinians.
Every situation is different and complex, but the same underlying principles ring true.
Israel shoots 773 Palestinians.
I disagree. Violence is never the answer.
Israel shoots 773 Palestinians.
Israel shoots 773 Palestinians.
Look at this retard
Fucking dumb, right. I suppose he could just buy a girl like you do in Turkey.
Sadokist haven't even apologized.
Don't know who xQc is or what he did, but the whole kNg affair was the single most shameful thing I have seen happen in this shitty-ass community. A guy's career destroyed and his name dragged through...
Sadokist haven't even apologized.
No, you’re the one who should stop. The only reason this is a big deal is because scumbags like yourself are desperate for a public lynching and are making it a big deal. It’s a dead topic; so shut up...