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CS:GO cheating update?
It blocks some nvidia files that break the game apparantly. Don't use it if you have nvidia until they fix it
I just love these people that think lvl 10 players don't make mistakes, and that 5 randoms who have never played together b4 will have good teamwork xD
corona planned?
You know that's exactly how normal influenza works as well right?
NBK is beyond bad
Washed up for a long time now, just like his old buddy apex
Tyloo will win inf easy, but mirage is 50/50
faceit cl_interp??
cl_interp has no function, it gets calculated by cl_interp_ratio value
Upgrade on PC
It will be a good upgrade. You can OC that CPU to 4.5 GHz+ easily and it will do 300+FPS in csgo and won't bottleneck your 1060 in any new games. And 16 Gb ram will also be more than enough for a long...
fps ok but game not smooth
right click on csgo.exe -> compoatibility -> disable fullscreen optimization -> check. Also turn of all game mode, game bar bullshit in windows.
New monitor
Viewsonic XG2401/2402 are probably the best cheap 144hz TN panels. BenQ TN monitors are complete trash out of box, but can be made good with a lot of tweaking. Check blur busters, tftcentral and pcmon...
How can loba survive lan drug testing?
new mouse for me
I can recommend finalmouse ultralight, best mouse I've tried in a while, 69g :) altough if you want it you need to pay attention to when they restock and instabuy it when they do, cause they sell out ...
Ryzen vs intel, what is more futureproof?
New ryzen generation comes out in april, wait for benchmarks on them, should be a nice boost compared to first gen ryzen
pc for csgo and pubg
Bro, new ryzen processors coming out in april, you should wait, they will be awesome and force intel to reduce their prices again
Insane FPS loss
Sometimes when you install new hardware they can come loose, it's a pretty common problem and very easy to check. Just open cabinet and reseat the GPU and ram. The reason i'm saying this is the fact ...
Insane FPS loss
Let me get this straight, you changed ur CPU, GPU and ram? And it worked fine for 1 day, and then started having issues? In that's the case I would check that GPU and ram are properly seated and that ...