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Movistar Riders vs Sprout
Complexity vs Movistar Riders
Boston 2018 viewmodel?
+1 Im also interested to know
Long name tag on gun?
Also here is a video that explain some of this nametag stuff: As you see you can include some unicode symbol
i7 7700k CS:GO
I would consider something wrong in your Windows configuration, nvidia or that stuff. Because with this I get 210-320 fps, with an average 300 fps -CPU: i5-6600k 3.5 Ghz -Motherboard: MSI Z170 M3 ...
Given your situation, I would wait for Ryzen. However, I think that 4460 is still very good for CSGO considering you combine it with a nvidia 980 ;)
Rogue vs Spirit
FYI: Rogue will not play with that line-up. Source: vs OverGaming
Spanish dream line-up, musamgaming! <3 vs OverGaming
Spanish legends
ss kana v2 - lift off
ss kana v2 - lift off
It is so low that I might not feel it at all
Infinity vs x6tence
Sorry Mr. Scream, we had forgotten your quality and we want to repeat the final to have you playing it
mousesports vs OpTic
Great match on the board !
ss kana v2 - lift off
Hello, I had Steelseries Kana V2, you just have to use the tape-trick as the video shows: With the trick the LOD has improved a lot, its like a "mu...
PENTA vs k1ck
Why do you have to compare? That's not supporting players or any scene. It's not the first time I have seen you with this kind of comments